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We want to leave a positive legacy on the planet, and so have always been committed to ethical and sustainable practices throughout the business. Our aim is to create quality pieces to be treasured. We reject the idea of seasonality and ‘fast fashion’, instead favouring a slow and considered approach to design. We believe that our design is timeless and trend-less, that our pieces will spark the imagination and bring joy for years to come.

1. Local Craft

We choose our factories and craftspeople carefully, not only for their skill and quality of making, but also their ethical practices and proximity. We want to support local manufacturing, in the UK and Europe, where we know employees are supported and treated fairly. We also know that this cuts down on transportation miles and travel, minimising our carbon footprint. We feel lucky to support crafts that have been passed down through generations, and that we want to help preserve for the future.

2. Materials

We have a considered approach to sourcing, taking into account the natural world, and the welfare of people and animals. We choose natural, ethically-sourced materials and those that can be recycled, as well as some that are eco-certified, FSC certified or organic. We are always striving to improve the sustainability of our materials, and continue to do so.

3. Minimising Waste

We believe design shouldn’t be wasteful, and so we consider the impact of the full lifecycle of our products; including making, delivery, packaging and end use. As well as minimising textile waste as much as possible during production, we also create pieces from our leftover fabrics, such as our silk-covered notebooks. We produce everything in limited numbers, based on demand, so we do not have ‘dead stock’. We strive to make our packaging as sustainable as possible, using paper rather than plastic, always making sure our boxes are reusable and recyclable, and using biodegradable stickers. We create quality collections to last a long time, and not throwaway items.

As well as our sustainable practices that we are continually improving, we are also Giving Back to Nature. If you have any more ideas or suggestions on how we can improve our sustainability we would love to hear from you; please get in touch!