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How to Measure for your new Roller Blinds

Measuring for your new roller blinds couldn't be simpler. All you need is a metal tape measure, and something to take some notes on and you are ready to go... All you have to do is follow our easy, step-by-step guides below.

Recess Fitting:

For blinds that will hang inside your window recess, firstly remember that your blinds will sit in front of any obstructions including window handles, it's important that you take the measurements from where the blind will end up being installed.

Check that there is enough room in front of any obstructions for the blinds to fit in your recess, once you've checked where the blind will sit, its time to take your measurements.

Firstly measure your width, as accurately as you can from wall to wall inside the space from the top where the brackets are to be mounted. Please bare in mind that the brackets and operating components will take up some of the space.  

Some windows are slightly less straight forward for example, if you have tiles that cover some of the inside of the window recess; In this case it will be the space between the tiles you'll want to measure. The same applies if you have a picture rail or skirting board inside the recess. Take the smallest measurement as your width. 

Then do the same for the drop, measuring from the top of the recess down to the window sill, taking measurements from the left, in the middle and on the right, note down the smallest measurement of the three.

Once you have your measurements, you can now select from our standard sizes, or order with your exact requirements with our customer service via email, live chat or over the phone.

Outside Recess - Exact Fitting: 

Use this method when fitting a roller blind onto the wall outside the window recess. 

Assuming the window recess is fairly normal and you want to fit the blind outside the recess - measure the width of the recess at the front edge, you will want to add a little extra onto that - we recommend 5cm either side. 

Next do the same for your drop, measuring from the top of the recess down to the window sill, again you'll want to add a little to your measurement at the top of window sill - we recommend 7cm to allow ample space for the brackets to be fitted. 

If you have an architrave around the window simply measure the flat area of the architrave for the width and the drop. 

If you have a baton above your window, measure the full width of that, then measure the drop from the top of the baton down to the window sill.

You can now order your roller blinds with our customer service team via email, live chat or over the phone 

For all information on how to fit your blinds when they arrive, click here