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We have planted 5,149 trees for wildlife habitat with World Land Trust!

We have planted 5,149 trees for wildlife habitat with World Land Trust!

Supporting wildlife and nature is a key part of our mission at EJS, so this year we set ourselves the goal of reaching a total of 3,000 trees for wildlife habitat in partnership with World Land Trust and their Plant a Tree programme. We were able to surpass this target in August 2022 thanks to your purchases of our WLT collection, and increased the goal to 5,000 which we are very close to, finishing 2022 on a total of 4,464 planted overall.

World Land Trust work with local NGO partners around the world to save, protect and restore critically threatened habitats and species for the future. Their Plant a Tree programme helps reforest wildlife habitat, helping to safeguard biodiversity and the climate for future generations. The cost to plant a tree is £5 GBP, and this includes the sapling, land preparation and planting, as well as 3-4 years of maintenance and monitoring to ensure the tree can survive on its own.

Habitat loss is the greatest threat to wildlife worldwide, so this programme has a direct impact on threatened species. So far in their mission, World Land Trust have planted 2,631,233 trees, and protected 2,640,020 acres of land.

Read on to find out about WLT Plant a Tree projects we helped to fund in 2022.


The Kinabatangan Floodplain has already lost 80% of its primary forests, but through the work of WLT partner HUTAN, this biodiverse landscape is receiving a crucial lifeline. Plant a Tree supporters have helped transform a former oil palm plantation into a wildlife corridor, now utilised by elephants, orangutans, hornbills and pangolins. HUTAN's all-female restoration team have been recruited from a local village, where employment opportunities for women are scarce.

Image credit: Chris Perrett /


Local people are employed at both the nursery and planting stages of this project. Together with REGUA's other supporters, the Plant a Tree programme has helped to restore 250 ha (10,000 square meters) of Atlantic Forest with more than 500,000 native trees, representing 160 species. The new trees are providing habitat for new rare species discovered right here in the reserve, including nine species of spider, four butterflies, one damselfly, one praying mantis, and one bat.


This project is part of a suite of solutions helping to address human-elephant conflict in northeastern India. With deforestation driving elephant herds closer to human settlement, local villages and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) are aiming to restore 200 ha(10,000 square meters) of degraded land, linking forest fragments that are also home to tigers, leopards, and India's only ape: the Western Hoolock Gibbon. WTI is now hiring villagers to help with nursery management, seedling production and tree planting.

Image credit: WTI


After periods of logging that led to overgrazing, invasive species and intensified forest fires, the forests of Mount Kenya are being restored. Now fully funded, this project has seen Community Forest Associations raise, plant, and then monitor seedlings to ensure their survival. This restoration work is benefiting Kenya's largest remaining population of forest-dwelling elephants, as well as 35 forest-specialist bird species and the Mountain Bongo (a Critically Endangered antelope).

Thank you for all your purchases that have contributed to our donations to World Land Trust, we are looking forward to continuing to support their mission and saving more threatened species in 2023 and beyond. Each treasure purchased from our World Land Trust collection enables us to plant one tree with World Land Trust.

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