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Maximalism Tips from Interior Design Master's Finalist Jack Kinsey

Maximalism Tips from Interior Design Master's Finalist Jack Kinsey

We were lucky enough to get a chance to speak to Jack Kinsey following his  journey on BBC's Interior Design Masters. Jack reached the finals and for his last scheme, used our fantastical fabrics and cushions to transform a pub in Brighton.

Hi Jack! Firstly, congratulations on reaching the finals, what was the inspiration behind your final design?

The inspiration behind my final design during interior design masters was to run with the pub’s name, 'The Earth and Stars'. The name of the pub gave me the perfect excuse to run with a celestial theme. I picked Emma Shipley’s Lynx fabric to add the perfect accents to the backs of bar stools and tub chairs because the pattern was so mythical featuring star constellations.

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What is the best way to describe your interior style? 

Classical Glamour, I am obsessed with Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco grandeur. I love the rich opulence you see within the architecture and interiors. I'm always drawn to older more ornate buildings, I love carved plasterwork and panelling. It’s the perfect canvas to go either traditional or ultra-modern with, sometimes mixing the two to create a gallery/exhibition effect! 

Why did you decide to do BBC's Interior Design Masters?

I needed to push outside my comfort zone and knew it would be the perfect competition for me to take part in due to how passionate I am about interior design. 

What are your top 3 design tips when pulling together a scheme for a room?

My top 3 interior hacks always boil down to the basics: the architecture of the room you are dealing with. 

1. Has it got tall ceilings? If so, take colour and wrap it right over the walls and ceilings. You can do this by using paint or wallpaper creating a cocooning cosy feeling. If you are blessed with natural light then use the opportunity to go BOLD go DARK, this achieves an immersive feeling with an instant wow factor!

2. My Second top tip is to consider the structural architecture by adding layers and by introducing panelling to the walls and potentially ceilings too. Traditional panelling can elevate a room to feel more expensive and characterful whilst contemporary slim batten panelling can provide a calming, relaxing spa-like feel especially if it wraps up and over the ceiling.

3. My third design hack is colour blocking, you might wonder what that is but it’s very simple and incredibly effective; it is essentially using complementary paints or wallpapers to highlight an area of a room. Its simplest form would be to keep the walls white or a very neutral colour and then introduce a brighter or significantly darker paint colour halfway up the wall thus creating a horizon line. 

What is the best interior design lesson you’ve learnt so far?

Think about the bigger picture and the end result, I’ve sometimes found I've designed a room too opulent you daren't sit or touch anything. A room needs to make you feel invited and like you're both friends enjoying each other’s company. Don’t be precious, have a coffee table with a few scratches on it, perhaps its second hand with wear and patina to it anyway! 

Any tips for incorporating maximalism into your home?

If you’re going to go maximalist, do it confidently, unleash your inner artist and think about how you would 'organise' a scrapbook or mood board, do all of the elements used talk to one another and work as a whole? Maximalism isn’t becoming a hoarder of loads of bits and things, it’s creating harmonious drama and theatre. 

Finally, what is on your EJS wishlist? 

MORE Lynx fabric and cushions, I want to create a very similar corner in my home inspired by my final. Tub chairs backed with EJS fabric and cushions to match will create the perfect homage to what a crazy roller coaster ride interior design masters was! 

Follow Jack on Instagram @jackkinsey and on his website https://www.jackkinsey.co.uk/