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Four joy-sparking crafting ideas to create a magical Christmas...

Four joy-sparking crafting ideas to create a magical Christmas...

As we all look forward to the festive season, I started to think about how we can occupy ourselves with some joy-sparking craft to create a magical Christmas, while also considering the planet and environment.

We know many of you may have leftover lengths of wallpapers and fabrics or samples you can’t bear to part with, and so we’ve created three crafting ideas for you. We hope you will not only use some leftover pieces and bring them new life, but also enjoy the process of creating something special from something you might have otherwise thrown away.  

Choose from wild Wrapping Paper, a gleaming Christmas Crown or unique Crackers full of imagination…

Scroll on to discover how to make each one, and you’ll also find a special treat with the first of our four Polar-inspired Christmas Cocktail recipes!

To Create our magical Christmas Crafts you will need:

- Pair of scissors

- Pen or pencil

- Double-sided tape/ sticky tape

- Tape measure

- Ruler

- Leftover wallpaper rolls or fabric / samples / our free colouring pages

- Large paper to trace the stocking pattern

- Sewing machine/ needle and thread

- Pins  

- Two contrasting fabrics

1. Wild Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags

Our enchanting wallpapers, with curious creatures and metallic flecks, make the most luxurious wrapping paper and gift tags...

Just simply cut your sample or wallpaper roll remnants to the size you need, and secure with sticky tape or string. Next, cut out a smaller piece for the gift tag, use a hole punch to add a ribbon or string to secure - and TA DA! Your magical gift is complete and ready to be placed under the tree 🎄

Our fabric remnants or samples also are perfect for adding wonder to the top of jams and chutneys (see example below)

2. Christmas Cracker

Our A4 wallpaper samples or free colouring pages are the perfect size for creating enchanting Christmas Crackers!

To create these treasures, follow the images below and cut out small diamond shapes along each side of your A4 paper (make sure there are 3/4mm between each diamond shape, so they don't tear when tying together)

Use double-sided tape down one side to secure. At this stage, you can fill the middle with treats and treasures of your choosing! Don't forget a mystical crown and cheesy cracker joke ✨ Finally twist and tie the ends and they are ready for your Christmas table!

 3. Christmas Crown

Not only can you wrap your gifts in magic you can also wear them! Don't forget to fill your Christmas Cracker with one of our festive crowns, they couldn't be easier to make...

An average size crown is two lengths of A4 (wallpaper samples or free colouring pages) or you can measure your head with a tape measure to get the exact size you need.

Mark out four equally distanced points using a ruler to create the zig-zag shape (see image below), then cut out the two sides of the crown. Using double-sided tape, stick the two sides together - and your fantastical crown is complete!

 4. Magical Christmas Stocking

Draw your stocking boot shape onto paper, pin the pattern paper onto your fabric of choice and cut out your front & back piece - remember to flip the pattern piece for the back (We have gone for contrasting fabrics in bold colours - click here for the stocking boot fabric - click here for the stocking collar fabric)

Cut out two collar pieces in your contrasting fabric, the same width as the top of your stocking, lay the two boot pieces together pattern-to-pattern and sew around the edge leaving an opening at the top

Sew the collar pieces together on the short edge to create a circular tube, that will fit perfectly around the top of your stocking. Fold the collar in half and place inside your stocking so that all edges of the collar and stocking are edge to edge. Sew around the opening to attach the collar to the stocking - fold over the collar to the outside of your stocking and TA DA! A magical Christmas masterpiece to enjoy for years to come!