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A Journey of Discovery - Home Fragrance

A Journey of Discovery - Home Fragrance

Enter our exotic scent menagerie and transport yourself to lands unknown... Our home fragrance collection now features 8 of our favourite designs with a bespoke scent inspired by each vessel's hand-drawn print

Let's begin our journey in the African jungle with the vibrant and fresh Cheetah. The design itself features a majestic cheetah surrounded by bright foliage and finished with a striking yellow lidThe bespoke scent provides a rush of zesty Lemon and Grapefruit with a graceful heart of Basil, Jasmine and Rose. Resting on a powerful base of Vetiver and Moss, this creates a bright fragrance, perfect for spring

Continuing on our African travels, we discover a pair of spotted giraffes... Kruger, inspired by a magical safari adventure, features an array of fantastical creatures. The enchanting scent will transport you to a mystical landscape, combining a woody oriental fragrance with aromatic accords of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean and a Vanilla Absolut base.

Travelling South through Botswana, we explore Zambezi, a mystical scene inspired by Jules Verne's adventure novels. Enchanting leopard-spotted elephants take centre stage in this design, surrounded by leaping gazelles, birds of paradise and curious foliage. The bespoke scent reflects the mysticism of our Zambezi design with sensual notes of spicy Rose mixed with Peach and Jasmine, set on an earthy Vetiver base.

Our journey through Southern Africa concludes with a mythical flying Lynx soaring across a starry sky, a vibrant design inspired by South African rock paintings and mythology. The bespoke scent has exuberant and seductive notes of Tuberose and Gingerlily, set on an Amber and Musky base, taking you on a truly magical scent adventure.

We continue our travels and head West, across the South Atlantic Sea, and into the depths of the AmazonThis jungle dreamworld features jaguars hidden amongst foliage, playful parrots in the trees and surreal details, set on a striking monochrome palette. The bespoke scent was created to evoke the mysticism behind the Amazon design, with juicy notes of ripening Fig set on a fresh yet woody base of Cedar wood, creating a playful melange of aromas.


Onwards and upwards, our journey takes us North and into America, to discover a menagerie of fantastical birds. Audubon was inspired by 19th Century botanical artist John James Audubon, the design features magical creatures of the sky along with geometric and scientific details. Created to complement the enchanting Audubon design, this bespoke scent presents a mixture of floral notes including Patchouli essential oils and Geranium, set on a woody base.

Finally, we journey back across the pond to the countryside of England or rather a magical hidden world imagined by C.S.Lewis. Caspian, inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia, features the iconic British lion and an enchanting unicorn surrounded by surreal foliage and trees. The bespoke scented oil was created to evoke the fairytale story behind the Caspian design, with notes of Madagascar Vanilla Pods, complemented by resinous and warm Sandalwood.

Concluding our magical journey of discovery the Scottish Highlands where we discover Wonder World. Inspired by Ernst Haeckel's evolutionary tree diagrams, the design features fantastical creatures including striped flamingos, Scottish Wildcats, puffin and hare, taking you on an enchanting fantasy journey. The bespoke scent presents notes of Bluebell intertwined beautifully with delicate Rose, Jasmine and Bamboo, all resting on a timeless musky base.