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4 Easy Tips to Help You Cut Down on Single-Use Plastic

4 Easy Tips to Help You Cut Down on Single-Use Plastic

We create special dates to celebrate and introspect about the good things around us, whether is our mothers, our valentines, religious festivities - you name it. And even though we should count and treasure our blessings everyday, it doesn’t always happen. So on this Earth Day let’s take a moment to think about how poetic it is to chase a sunset, how relaxing it is to listen to birds chirp, how incredibly recharging it is to spend days under a hot tropical sun on a paradisiac beach. Let’s be grateful to all that Mother Earth has to offer. Let’s be mindful, respectful of the fascinating diversity of life that it carries, and not exhaust her.
Here are four tips of how we at EJS try to make a small difference in this magical planet of ours: 


As in, bring your own bottle! Plastic bottles are one of the most frequently found items on beach cleans globally and their lids commonly end up in seabirds’ stomachs. A heartbreaking reality which we can act upon with an easy habit. Good news is, we can actually help you help our beautiful planet - click here to shop our Kruger reusable bottle.

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2. Pop a cork!

And what could possibly be more satisfying than listening to that bottle pop and help cherishing our beautiful planet earth? Choose wine bottles with natural cork stoppers instead of plastic stoppers or metal screw caps (which contain BPA, an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics). You can visit recork.org to explore the range of wines using cork stoppers.

3. Drop the teabag!

Replace teabags that are sealed with plastic and use loose leaf tea with a tea strainer.  Disposing of teabags ultimately leads to microplastics entering our waterways and eventually our food chain. Ultimately, give plastic free brands like Pukka or Teapigs a go - their teabags are actually made of paper and are 100% biodegradable.

4. E-coffee run 

Carry a reusable coffee cup. Around 2.5 billion (!!!) coffee cups are thrown away every year in the UK alone – that’s seven million a day! Less than 1% of these can be recycled, meaning most spend up to 50 years in landfill, after lasting just minutes in your hand.