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A weekend escape to Jersey

A weekend escape to Jersey

With August having the last Bank holiday until Christmas, we decided to make the most of it and hop across the channel to the beautiful Isle of Jersey.

Here are our favourite bits from a long weekend of sun, sea and castles! 


While the weather was on our side we tested out some of our new womenswear -  the Tigris Black Kimono and Silverback neckerchief with Amazon silk trousers were perfect for a beach stroll in the warm breeze.


At low tide, you can walk across the sand to Elizabeth Castle which has been at the forefront of Jersey's shores for over 300 years. We explored the battlements where King Charles II sheltered during the English Civil War and discovered the re-fortified bunkers used during the German Occupation in the second World War.


Visiting the War Tunnels is a chilling experience, traveling back to the time of World War II where the island was occupied by German forces. The image below shows the entrance to the German hospital tunnels which were never completed. 


The Wollemi Pine or Wollemia Nobilis is one of the rarest and oldest tree species around. Discovered in Australia in 1994, scientists had once thought it was extinct as the pine had only been known from fossils before this. The tree is known as the 'Dinosaur tree' or 'living fossil', as it dates back to over 65 million years ago!