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6 wildlife webcams for escapism in nature

6 wildlife webcams for escapism in nature

As we spend more time at home, and while we can't travel, it can feel like you are missing out on all the wonders the world has to explore... I had a research trip planned which has been put on hold until it's safe to travel again. 

But to keep inspired and in touch with nature, I have discovered some brilliant resources to help transport you to faraway destinations and deep into the wild, all from the comfort of your own home.

Here are my top 6 nature live streams that you can tune into day or night to discover all kinds of animals and wildlife in their natural habitat. It will make you feel as though you are right there with them... 

1. Tembe Elephant Park

Transporting you to South Africa, you can watch this wild watering hole where you may find a beautiful herd of elephants drinking, washing and playing. It can be really relaxing watching these incredible creatures in real-time. Unfortunately, you'll have to make up the David Attenborough voice-over in your head, but that's all part of the fun...

The Zambezi design is inspired by my travels to Botswana seeing beautiful elephants in the wild.

Click here to watch the live stream:

2. The Alderney Wildlife Trust PuffinCam

Situated two miles offshore the Island of Alderney, hopefully you will catch a glimpse of an array of puffins coming and going, re-shaping their burrows, building nests and feeding on fish, whilst watching the waves of the English Channel in the background. On a sunny day, it can feel like you're spending a day at the beach with them!

You can find these friendly creatures in my Wonder World design, inspired by my travels to the remote Scottish highlands.

Click here to watch the live stream:

3. Gorilla Forest Corridor 

Heading over to the Democratic Republic of Congo, discover wild gorillas grazing on vegetation. These spectacularly inquisitive and intelligent creatures are a joy to watch, interacting, rolling around, and taking long naps.

The Silverback design is an ode to these majestic animals and a reminder to protect the natural world.

Click here to watch the live stream:

4. National Parks USA

Take a deep dive into the breathtaking landscapes of America's national parks from Yosemite and Joshua Tree to the Great Smoky Mountains and many more. Through hundreds of webcams, you can experience these truly great outdoors and captivating views. It may even inspire your next adventure after lockdown ends..

Yosemite national park and the animals that inhabit the land inspired the Frontier design, with some added surreal and magical twists. 

Click here to watch the live stream:

5. Polar Bears Cape East - Wapusk National Park

Take yourself on a virtual trip through Churchill, Canada, home to the world's greatest concentration of Polar BearsIt is, unfortunately, off-season to watch these wild bears in real-time but you can still catch the highlights playing. It is still just as fun, watching these majestic bears roam across the landscape with their cubs. It's hard to take your eyes off!

You can find these snowy creatures in the Aurora design inspired by the Arctic.

Click here to watch the live stream:

6. Bonaire Underwater Coral

Last but not least... take a mesmerising journey to the deep sea in this extraordinary underwater view of one of the healthiest remaining reef ecosystems, off the coast of Bonaire in the Caribbean. You'll catch many tropical multi-coloured fish swimming around the reef and a spectrum of different coral.

You'll find more creatures from the deep sea in the Neptune design, inspired by scientific illustrations and depicting an enchanting underwater scene.

Click here to watch the live stream:

I hope you all enjoy watching these live streams of the great outdoors and that they help pass the time and keep you in touch with your wild side. Let me know in the comments which is your favourite...