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The ultimate gift guide to suit everyone on your Christmas shopping list

The ultimate gift guide to suit everyone on your Christmas shopping list

With the most magical day of the year fast approaching, it's officially time to begin the dreaded task of Christmas shopping. To make your life that little bit easier, we've curated 5 gift guides perfectly suited to the needs of each of the members of your Christmas shopping list. If you're searching for a unique present this year for a lover of art, cinema, nature and everything in between; then scroll down to see which EJS creations we think would make the perfect pairing with their interests. Be inspired by our gift selections below and find each product listed beneath the information (clockwork from top left). In each section you can then click through to the appropriate Gift Edit on our online store to shop all of these festive treats and many more...

The Fantasy Lover

The entire world of Emma J Shipley is made of magic and built from fantastical mythological creations, and here we've hand picked some of our favourites. Greek mythology, historic explorers, fantasy stories and Pre-Raphaelite painters like Botticelli (above) are constant influences on Emma's hand drawn designs. If you're shopping for somebody with a similar love to Emma for all things fantastical, why not gift them with one of our beautiful silk scarves to adorn their wardrobe with their passion? Click here to view our special Fantastical Edit on the online store to discover all the pieces in the image below and many more... 

Expedition Cushion £95.00

Pegasus Fine Wool Scarf £280.00

Sirens Silk Skinny Scarf £125.00

Sirens Silk Chiffon Scarf £265.00

Drakon Large Cushion £135.00


Click here to view the Fantasy Edit 


The Nature Lover

Nature is another theme at the centre of all things EJS, so if you're browsing for anybody who adores nature, animals, plants and the environment then you're guaranteed to find them the perfect gift with us. All of the designs in our Nature Edit feature beautiful creatures, tropical plants, and colour inspired by the wonderful natural world. Emma is often inspired by the creatures of the planet and looks to wildlife photography of creatures such as birds of paradise (above). If you think your nature lover may prefer an interior piece, why not browse our homeware and try one of our striking new trays? They are a simple way to add an exciting injection of colour into the home, and with a range of designs and colour ways there's something for everybody: particularly a nature lover. Take a look at our Nature Edit here to see for yourself...

 Amazon Silk Neckerchief £90.00

Amazon Round Tray £34.50

Amazon Palms Cushion £95.00

Papilio Cushion £95.00

Silverback Silk Skinny Scarf £125.00

Amazon Fine Wool Shawl £355.00

Amazon Silk Pocket Square £55.00

Click here to view the Nature Edit


The Art Lover

Anybody with a passion for fine art, colour, texture and form would be delighted to receive a piece from the EJS collection, all of which are hand designed by Emma in London before they're transformed into the magical creations you see on the site. The craftsmanship and precision that goes into each step of the design process means you'll be gifting a special, luxurious statement unlike anything you can find elsewhere. Emma's designs are often directly inspired by artists such as John James Audubon and Ernst Haeckel, and evidence of this can sometimes be found in hidden details in the creations - a feature that any art lover would no doubt appreciate. For those of your friends and family who love art, our prints would be a fantastic gift as well - and don't forget that our silk neckerchiefs make wonderful wall hangings when professionally framed. Simply click here to view some more ideas on our Art Lover Edit... 

Silk Notebooks £25.00

Audubon Silk Chiffon Scarf £265.00

Neptune Modal Blend Scarf £280.00

Neptune Silk Skinny Scarf £125.00

Neptune Mini Print - Framed - £65.00



The Cat Lover

Whether it's sharing photos of Emma's own cats Luna and Romy on Instagram, or turning her drawings of majestic jungle cats creeping out from behind foliage into her signature designs, the EJS team are undoubtedly lovers of all things feline. The cats in our designs are often inspired by vintage anatomical sketches of the animals through history, like the example above. If you're shopping for a fellow cat lover then look no further - our Cat Lover Edit will provide you with inspiration to find you with the perfect gift. It features our favourite designs for cat lovers like The Amazon, Shadowcats and Cheetah designs, all of which are available in a variety of different products - scarves, trays, cushions, prints and more...

Tigris Jacquard Woven Scarf with Fringing £265.00

Amazon Silk Skinny Scarf £125.00

Cheetah Cushion £95.00

Shadowcats Cushion £95.00

Shadowcats Silk Skinny Scarf £125.00

Shadowcats Modal Blend Scarf £280.00

Click here to view the Cat Lover Edit

The Movie Lover

We've all got that family member or friend who is utterly passionate about cinema - this year why not gift them with a unique, thoughtful token of their love of film in the form of an EJS creation. EJS have collaborated with Disney on multiple occasions to provide beautifully intricate collections inspired by some amazing films. Click through to our Movie Lover Edit to see pieces inspired by Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast and Tinker Bell. The Star Wars collection is unisex and has always been hugely popular amongst male fans of Emma J Shipley; it features incredible details inspired by the original Star Wars film stills and would make the perfect gift for any Star Wars lover. The Beauty and the Beast nightwear sets make a beautiful gift - perfect for cosy winter evenings ahead. The collection also features cushions, scarves, prints and more, all inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Discover more in the Movie Lover Edit...

Vader Large Cushion £108.00

Vader Fine Wool Scarf £206.50

Vader Long Wool Scarf £157.50

Beauty and the Beast Silk Pyjama Set £276.50

Beauty and the Beast Classic Silk Scarf £136.50

Beauty and the Beast Cushion £85.50

Click here to view the Movie Lover Edit


We hope this has given you some fantastical inspiration just in time for you to begin your Christmas shopping, and has helped you to pinpoint the perfect present for all. And if you're lucky enough to be gifted any EJS treasures this Christmas, don't forget to share your photos with us on social media with the hashtag #YourEJS