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Magical and Luxurious: The Ultimate Valentine's Gift Guide

Magical and Luxurious: The Ultimate Valentine's Gift Guide

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we've curated a collection of treasures perfect for gifting, to celebrate love in all its forms 💕... and to treat your loved ones (and yourself!) in true Emma J Shipley style...

It's hard not to fall for our magical selection of treats including striking silk and velvet cushions, dreamy 100% cotton sateen bedding, exquisite scarves, and our fantastical home fragrance.

Indulge yourself and your loved ones in an imaginative world of wonder and animal magic this Valentine's Day, and give a gift that will spark joy for years to come...

Romantic Dinnerware for Two

Begin your Valentine's Day with an enchanting breakfast, with the Lynx or Zambezi Breakfast Set for Two, comprised of our luxury Fine China Mug, Side Plate and Bowl and a set of luxury linen Napkins, made in Spain. Let every meal be a celebration surrounded by the mythical allure of nature, creating intimate moments that linger in the heart.

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Silk Sensations

For a gift that embodies the essence of romance, explore our sensational silk Scarves, hand-made in Italy. These wearable works of art are more than accessories; they're a poetic expression of love.

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Luxury Cushions

Our range of Luxury Cushions, beautifully made in the UK, are more than just decorative pieces; they are a cosy embrace of love. Gift an opulent cushion (or two) to add glamour and comfort to your loved one's space, creating a haven where love and dreams intertwine.

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Enchanting Mugs

Elevate your day with our enchanting fine china Mugs. Made in Stoke-on-Trent, they transform every sip into a celebration of love and magic. Gift this beautiful vessel to your loved one, allowing them to savour warm moments and create a daily reminder of your love through the simplest yet meaningful gestures.

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Luxurious Linens

Elevate your Valentine's dining experience with our luxurious Zambezi, Lynx, Rousseau and Kruger linens, made in Spain. Whether you mix and match or go for a more coordinated look, our Linens will make it simple to create a maximalist tablescape.

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Elegant Home Fragrance

Complete the sensory experience with our enchanting Home Fragrance collection. Crafted with meticulous care, and poured in the UK, our scented candles and diffusers are designed to infuse your space with captivating aromas. Immerse yourself and your loved ones in an ambience of romance, as the delicate fragrances transport you to a world of beauty and tranquillity.