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EJS Team Christmas Wishlist

The team and I have been putting together a wishlist of pieces we want to gift this Christmas as well as what we're hoping to find under the tree...

Firstly, for myself I’d love all 3 of the bone china Limited Edition Christmas Baubles - in Polar, Zambezi and Lynx for my tree this year. 

Next, for my parents I would like to gift them the Polar Placemat and Coasters so that we can make a lovely Christmas table at home. 

Finally, for my Aunt Erica I would like the lovely Lynx Scented Candle. She absolutely loves cats and also Africa so this is perfect, and it smells amazing. 

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Cassi - Marketing Manager 

Firstly, Cassi has chosen a Polar Bauble for her and her boyfriend's new flat. 

Secondly, the Polar Scented Candle for her Mum because she loves the sweet Dewberry & Cardamom christmassy scent. 

Finally, Cassi will be getting herself the Polar Puzzle for something to do over the Christmas period.

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Mani - Operations Manager

Firstly, Mani has chosen the Zambezi Round Tray - ideal for his sister in law to keep her coffee cups and treats contained in her home office, and make her happy when she looks at the beautiful print. 

Secondly, a Zambezi Silk Notebook for Mani’s nephew, who loves sketching and elephants, ideal for when he is out and about and wants to sketch his surroundings.

Finally, a beautiful Snow Leopard Fine Wool Scarf for Mani’s sister-in-law, because she loves luxurious scarves and this is the ultimate luxury, with beautiful vibrant colours and design - it will make you smile and people will stop and ask you where you got it from!

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Alice - Marketing Assistant

First on Alice’s wishlist is the Lynx Fine Art Print to add to her growing gallery wall. 

Next, “a Polar Bauble for my mum because she loves polar bears, and anything really Christmassy - the bauble comes in a gorgeous box and it dated on the bottom which is really special as we didn’t get to spend last Christmas together.”

Finally, Alice has picked two Ecoffee Cups for her flatmates, who travel in to work first thing in the morning. 

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Veronica - Customer Service Assistant

First of all, Veronica would love a set of our luxurious Frontier Bedding so that she can start styling her bedroom in her future new home. 

Secondly, a beautiful Snow Leopard Fine Wool Scarf in Forest for Veronica’s Mother-in-law.

Finally, Veronica has chosen a Protea Silk Notebook for her best friend so that she can use it for university work. 

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Amber - Assistant Designer 

Firstly, Amber has picked a lovely Zambezi Navy Throw to keep her warm over Christmas and spend a bit less on the heating bill. 

Secondly, an Amazon Velvet Cushion for her parents new sofa. 

Finally, a Zambezi Water Bottle for her brother, for the gym. 

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Georgie - Ecommerce Executive

First on Georgie's wishlist is a Lynx Phone Case in Mono for her sister, who is getting a new phone for Christmas and loves cats. 

Secondly, a Snow Leopard Puzzle for her brother, who loves solving puzzles and will enjoy completing it on Christmas Day. 

And Finally, a Zambezi Water Bottle for herself so she can stay hydrated in the office in the new year. 

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