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Dazzling Cat Designs: Explore Emma's Feline-Inspired Art

Dazzling Cat Designs: Explore Emma's Feline-Inspired Art

This International Cat Day, step into Emma's enchanting world and discover how her love for cats, both big and small, has inspired her most-loved designs...


Inspired by Emma's travels in the Western Cape of South Africa, where she explored the ancient rock paintings and mythology of the San people. The enchanting, hand-drawn design features magical winged lynx with peacocks' tails leaping through a starry night sky, surrounded by surreal foliage.

Discover Lynx

Wonder World

Wonder World will take you on an enchanting fantasy journey through the remote Scottish Highlands. It’s full of whimsical details and features fantastical creatures including striped flamingos, Scottish Wildcats, a puffin and a hare! The hand-drawn design was inspired by Ernst Haeckel's evolutionary tree diagrams, medieval paintings and Mary Queen of Scots. ⁠⁠

Discover Wonder World

Snow Leopard

Inspired by Dante’s Inferno and Paradiso from the 14th century and Ingmar Bergman’s film “The Seventh Seal”, Snow Leopard captures a fantasy scene under a surrealist moon, featuring angelic, winged creatures accompanying the snow leopard on its journey.

Discover Snow Leopard


"Amazon was one of my first designs which I drew while I was studying at the Royal College of Art. Inspired by the intensity of the rainforest after my adventures in the Amazon; the design features enchanting creatures and tropical plants where everything is not always as it seems… while the colours I added to the final designs reflect the vibrancy of nature found in the jungle."

Discover Amazon


The enchanting Caspian design is inspired by C.S Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia and other magical folk tales. The hand-drawn artwork features a majestic lion and fantastical unicorn from British heraldry, amongst surreal foliage and stars.

Discover Caspian


Inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, and hand-drawn by Emma, the wild tiger in this design features a curious peacock tail, dragon spine, pocket watch and a fierce attitude!

Discover Tigris


The mesmerising Protea design features curious creatures leaping through a landscape of twisting foliage. Lions, zebras, and antelopes with hunter-gatherer characteristics are inspired by a tradition seen in ancient rock paintings where humans take on animal form.

Discover Protea


A fierce and fantastical design, Extinct was inspired by ice age creatures and lost species, including dodos and sabre-toothed tigers. Scientific notation and surreal details complete the unique, hand-drawn creation.

Discover Extinct


The design features a prowling cheetah with anatomical details and chained collar to represent the species` vulnerable endangered status and our need to protect them. A cub hides in the jungle foliage, alongside surrealist butterflies, birds and a solitary sloth!

Discover Cheetah


Inspired by Emma’s travels to Greece’s ancient sites, the intricate hand-drawn design features an armoured cat with wings sitting atop an all-seeing eye while a majestic, swooping owl observes the mythical scene from above.

Discover Odyssey
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