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Behind the Design: Discover Audubon

Behind the Design: Discover Audubon

In our Behind the Design series we explore the source of inspiration of our key designs; revealing the art, books, artefacts, animals and stories that inspire our unique scarves, cushions, fabrics and more...

The Audubon design is one of our most celebrated prints; home to an array of exotic, half-real half-imaginary winged delights displayed in dreamlike technicolour, it's the perfect design for all maximalist bird lovers out there. Since its creation in 2014 for one of our luxurious scarf collections, the best selling design now appears on a vast range of EJS treasures, from cushions to wallpaper, fabric and trays

The Audubon print features a menagerie of majestic birds perching on winding branches and flying through the sky. The most unique and exciting part of our designs are the hidden details which you may not initially notice. Audubon is no exception; hiding among the extravagant winged creatures lie some signature EJS surreal twists. From the geometric, jewel-like detail in the birds' eyes and the mechanical detailing in the delicately drawn insects, to the tags chained to the birds necks and feet. 

"The most unique and exciting part of our designs are the hidden details which you may not initially notice"

Inspiration behind Emma J Shipley's Audubon print: including botanical illustrations, photographs, romanticist paintings and Victorian geometric posters

The main influence behind the original illustration, as signified by its name, is the work of ornithologist and painter John James Audubon and his meticulous botanical illustrations. Other key influences were William Blake's romanticist paintings, vintage anatomical illustrations, and the beauty of the natural world contrasted with a realm of fantasy.

Audubon's book Birds of America was key inspiration during Emma's design process; it depicts drawings and paintings by Audubon during his explorations across 19th century America. He documented the birds he discovered in their natural habitats in meticulous detail, creating botanical illustrations that are arguably far more fascinating than wildlife photography of modern day.

The work of John James Audubon was a great influence on the Audubon design by Emma J Shipley. The explorer, ornithologist and botanical painter created meticulous wildlife illustrations in the 19th century.

Over the past 4 years the Audubon design has become a best seller among our wonderful customers; below you can see some of our favourite Audubon moments to date including our Heroes collection campaign shoot at Kew Gardens, our charming birch wood tray collection and our Animalia photoshoot...

Explore some of our Audubon highlights. The design by Emma J Shipley was created in 2014 and now features across a plethora of unique pieces across our online store, such as scarves, cushions, trays, fabric and wallpaper

Introduce the magic of the sky with a sumptuous palette including vivid blues, subtle golds, vibrant greens and magical pinks throughout the Audubon collection, and give your wardrobe and interior a new lease of life with unique EJS treasures. Browse our top picks from the collection below, or click straight through to the online store here...