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Behind the Design: Discover Amazon

Behind the Design: Discover Amazon

Have you ever wondered where Emma finds imaginative inspiration for her intricate hand drawn designs? Months before any of EJS treasures are produced, Emma works on her original illustrations, which are all flooded with inspiration from both the natural world and a fantastical realm of myths and legends. We're delighted to be starting a brand new series where we'll invite you to explore the influences behind a number of our most iconic designs


One of our earliest and recognisable designs of all is the Amazon, which takes you on a magical adventure through the jungle. As the name suggests, the main inspiration is rooted in the intensity of the rainforest; the enchanting creatures and tropical plants which inhabit it; and the vibrancy of the natural colours found in the jungle. The unique print is home to an array of feathered fancies, looming jaguars and wonderful, winding, foliage all hand drawn by Emma alongside secret surreal details hiding among the leaves...


When you look at Emma's inspiration and reference images you can really get a glimpse into her design process and see how her ideas are brought to life. The mesmerising eccentricity of Henri Rousseau's paintings of the jungle, anatomical illustrations and real photographs of jungle cats, tropical plants and birds of paradise were all key influences behind the signature design. 


As one of Emma's very first designs, since its creation the Amazon range has expanded from opulent silk scarves to enchanting cushions, charming birch wood trays, luxurious velvet fabric, maximalist wallpaper and more.... Below you can find some of our favourite campaign imagery of our Amazon products, from statement sofas upholstered with our new Animalia fabric, to lookbook images from our tropical five year anniversary Heroes collection...



Introduce the magic of the jungle with a sumptuous palette of vivid reds, subtle golds, vibrant greens and brilliant blues throughout the Amazon collection, and give your wardrobe and interior a new lease of life with unique EJS treasures. Browse our top picks from the collection below, or click straight through to the online store here...