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A Journey of Discovery in Costa Rica's Cloud Forest: Emma's Diary

A Journey of Discovery in Costa Rica's Cloud Forest: Emma's Diary

As a passionate wildlife fan, discovering new destinations is a key source of inspiration for my designs. In this personal diary entry, I would love to share my experiences encountering the fascinating creatures and breathtaking landscape of Costa Rica that inspired my latest design, 'Quetzal.'

During my stay at an eco-lodge high in the Costa Rican cloud forest, above 2,000 meters, I was mesmerised by the extraordinary variety of wildlife surrounding me. One of my most memorable experiences was heading out before dawn to catch a glimpse of the famously beautiful Resplendent Quetzal in its natural habitat. 

I stayed quiet and close to my expert guide, waiting patiently near a grove of wild avocado trees - the food of choice for this special bird - as the sun started to rise. Just as we were starting to lose hope, a 'kee-kee-kee-keee' calling sound rang out, and there! A flash of green and red emerged from the trees. A glorious male flew across the scene, iridescent green feathers flashing in the sunlight, with his remarkable tail flowing behind like long satin ribbons. After picking and eating one of the many wild avocados on the tree, he sat and waited for it to digest, his long feathers blowing in the breeze. In a flash, he was joined by a female and - yes - another male! 

They treated us to a breathtaking display, flying around each other from branch to branch and perching amongst the moss and vines. After about half an hour, with their breakfast routine complete, the birds disappeared into the trees as quickly as they appeared, but they left a lasting impression. Watching these striking birds in the wild was a truly unforgettable experience.

Another highlight was observing dozens of species of hummingbirds from the window of my Cloud Forest lodge while working and sketching from my cabin. I felt completely in tune with nature as I observed these beautiful creatures up close.

I was also captivated by the lizards, bats, herons, and other creatures that called the forest home. Each one had its unique behaviour and way of living in this rich and diverse ecosystem.

As I journeyed further into the forest, I was struck by the richness of the flora and fauna. The succulents, mosses, and vines draped across the trees created a serene and ethereal atmosphere. I hope that my new design captures the essence of this remarkable place and reminds you of the beauty that exists in the natural world.