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The Art of Layering with Lily Sawyer

The Art of Layering with Lily Sawyer

We love seeing how our designs are brought to life in real homes, so we got in touch with one of our favourite Instagram creators, Lily Sawyer. A self confessed EJS fan, we love how Lily mixes patterns and colour, so we asked her to share her top 5 tips on how you can create your own maximalist haven.

1. Unify

It is vital to choose a unifying element. This could be one of the following: theme, colour, style or mood. In my kitchen-cafe area, I put together all my Emma Shipley cushions, Kruger throw and Snow Leopard tray. They are in a variety of colours and designs, the unifying element being Emma's fantastical themes.

2. Juxtaposition

Once you have decided on a unifying element, you are now free to collect what you love and layer them or put them side-by-side. Having around three or four colours helps you chuck in what you love and bring everything into a homely mix without the fear of stepping outside a restricted colour scheme.

3. Add Monochrome

Add a monochrome/black and white accent. The addition of black and white always finishes a room for me. Somehow it anchors a space and feels like a full stop, a dot at the end of a sentence. That necessary pause for a breather before you move on. I find it calming and, personally, the one element that prevents the space from being too jarring.

4. Don't Forget Wallpaper!

One of the easiest ways to inject patterns easily in your home is to use wallpaper. There’s an array of pattern types to choose from: all-over, trailing, geometric, damask, murals, striped, name it. I wallpapered my son's room with Kruger in Navy. It's a classic design, bold yet calming and I absolutely love it! It makes the room feel like a grown-up space yet fun and daring.

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5. Contrast

Last but by no means least, I'd say go for contrast. Contrast helps you determine which items need to stand out or dominate and which items need to take a back seat. For example, bold bright coloured cushions against a plain sofa will accentuate your favourite cushions and shine a light on their designs.

You can see Lily's Instagram page and follow her here