Rosanna Falconer's 5 top tips for tablescaping

Rosanna Falconer's 5 top tips for tablescaping

As we all look forward to finally welcoming family and friends back into our homes, we asked Rosanna Falconer to help us with some table decorating tips to elevate our Spring Entertaining. 

Rosanna, a brand consultant and co-founder of FashMash, is renowned for her colourful aesthetic, sustainable ethos, and joy-sparking tablescapes. We adore her magical set-ups and were so excited when she agreed to share some of her tablescaping tips.

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1. Bud vases

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” I know, Miranda of The Devil Wears Prada would raise an eyebrow but the first blossom of spring brings an irresistible urge to reflect the joy of nature on the table. It’s also one of the easiest times to do it with local, affordable flowers. Bud vases are child’s play to arrange plus they’re just the right size for a table: not so dominant you can’t fit the food and not so high you can’t see your host. I upcycle spice bottles and jam jars for mine, plus you can find unique options in charity shops, too. 

2. Work with the seasons

It’s so important to work with nature when creating a table… Now is the time to embrace garden primula (also a gorgeous garnish for drinks) or once it’s May, peony season has arrived! My favourites are Coral Cham which transform from bright cerise to pale blush; I arranged them in an ombré of colour last spring. Sprigs of apple blossom make a simple and beautiful table runner, just be sure to place them down just before guests arrive so the blossoms are in tact!

"It’s so important to work with nature when creating a table…"

3. Consistent colours

Whether you choose traditional pastels or bolder hues, ensure those shades run throughout your table design, from the linen to the candles. The teal in Emma’s Jamida print coasters and placemats adds some drama to the table, especially for the evening. I echoed it by tying the cutlery in double velvet and placing tealights in teal blue votives glasses.

4. Lighting

Candles aren’t just for long winter nights. Their twinkling light adds romance to tables at any time of year. Even if your dinner begins before the sun sets, light them early and watch them dance. Styles like Emma’s Lynx scented candle provide a piece of art for the table plus - bonus - it scents the room with rich amber and gingerlily (a perfume which I find subtle enough for dinnertime). Talking of upcycling, I'll be saving the fine bone china receptacle once burnt to use as a flower vase. The Lynx lives on! 

"Styles like Emma’s Lynx scented candle provide a piece of art for the table plus - bonus - it scents the room with rich amber and gingerlily"

5. Personalised touches

Always consider how to make the table a unique reflection of you with tiny details or crafting additions. I love calligraphy (though my skills are amateur!) and used an Emma Shipley card to make a menu for this dinner, even though it was just my husband and me at the kitchen table… Make a meal of it! Other ideas for spring: decorated eggs (I love to marble mine) or homemade biscuits as place names.


And there you have it! We loved Rosanna's equally imaginative and practical tips, and can't wait to try them out at home (with our new tableware)! Her love of joyful colour and prints makes her tablescapes some of the most captivating on Instagram, but there is more to Rosanna. Her latest project, #RosannasPositiviTea brings together her love of a good tablescape and conversation, with an inspiring creative individual, for an interview about joy over afternoon tea. With guests including Laura Whitmore, Olivia Rubin and JJ Martin, it aims to promote positivity in her audience.

Follow Rosanna here and if this blog has left you feeling inspired, shop our full tableware collection here

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