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Emma’s 5 tips for styling our new Fine China Dining collection

Emma’s 5 tips for styling our new Fine China Dining collection

As we look forward to warmer days and lighter evenings, Emma has brought together her favourite ways to refresh our tables in time for Spring. Featuring our new Fine China Dining Collection, our selection of tableware will make the perfect accompaniment for welcoming family and friends into your homes.

Scroll down to discover Emma’s top tips

1. Bud vases

I love to start by bringing the joy of nature to the table and bud vases are one of the easiest ways to do this. Bud vases are really easy to arrange plus they’re just the right size for a table: not so dominant you can’t fit the food and not so high you can’t see your guests. Also, they are so easy to source with up-cycled spice bottles or jam jars. Fill the bud vases with your choice of flowers - see tip 3 for more advice on this!

2. The perfect stack

A statement stack will create a real wow-factor when presenting your table to guests. Our Zambezi dining set with its palette of coordinating teals, creates the perfect eye-catching display, or alternatively you could mix in other hues with the striking Lynx, Kruger and Rousseau Side Plates and Mugs. Want to go one step further? Why not add our placemats and coasters for the ultimate maximalist fantasy!

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3. Consistent colours

Whether you choose to stick to an all matching Zambezi set or opt for a more colourful selection in a mix of designs, ensure those same colours run throughout your table design, from the coasters and candles to flowers and tablecloths. I personally love to mix designs but then I keep the flowers within the same palette and use neutral foliage to balance the variety of colours.

4. Lighting

Candles, whether that be tea lights, candlesticks or one of our magical scented candles, add twinkling romantic light and height to the table, helping to create a wonderful dining atmosphere. Styles like our Lynx Scented Candle provide a statement art piece for the table, plus the bonus scent of rich amber and gingerlily, which is subtle enough for dinnertime. I’ve saved the vessels from our other Home Fragrance pieces and love to use them as flower vases or even tea light holders!

5. Personalised touches

Consider how to make the table a unique reflection of you with tiny details or crafting additions. You could make name cards out of up-cycled packaging or one of our colouring pages. Don't be afraid to get creative!

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