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Emma’s Favourite Crêpe Recipe for Shrove Tuesday

Emma’s Favourite Crêpe Recipe for Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is one of our favourite holidays here at EJS. A day of indulgence and celebration, as well as creativity! 

The history of Pancake Day dates back to the Christian tradition of Lent. Lent is a period of fasting, reflection, and spiritual growth that lasts for 40 days and nights, leading up to Easter Sunday. Traditionally, Lent involved giving up rich foods like eggs, butter, and sugar, and Pancake Day was a way to use up these ingredients before the fasting began. 

How do you celebrate Pancake Day? At EJS, we like to celebrate by making thin, delicate Crêpes for breakfast, topped with berries and golden syrup, or lemon and sugar. We lay the table with our fantastical fine china and table linen, and gather friends to enjoy the treats.

Bring some animal magic to your table with our striking Fine China - Our Dinner Plates, Side Plates and Bowls will be the perfect accompaniment to pancakes!

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For perfect pancakes every time, Emma likes to use Gizzi Erkine’s Recipe

Makes 6 large or 8 small pancakes

Ingredients: 110g plain flour or gluten free flour, pinch salt, pinch sugar, 1 free range egg + 1 yolk, ½ pint milk (dairy free will also work), 2 tbsp vegetable oil/melted butter

Method: Melt the butter in a saucepan. Mix together the dry ingredients, (flour, sugar, salt) in a bowl until well combined. Crack the egg into the bowl, and add the extra egg yolk.

Start to whisk the egg into the flour with a whisk, then whisk the milk in gradually until smooth. Pour in the melted butter and whisk it in. Cover it and leave it to rest in the fridge. It benefits from a proper rest, between 2-10 hours, but they are fine unrested too.

To cook the pancakes, heat the pancake pan, heat the pan over a medium - low heat.

Grease the pan with some kitchen paper dipped in oil.

Carefully pour a ladleful of batter across the base of the pan, tilting it around to form an even layer. Excess batter should be poured back into the bowl of batter to make a nice thin, evenly cooked pancake.

Cook for 30-60 seconds, then quickly turn it over to cook on the other side. You can flip it if you’re feeling brave! Slide off the pancake onto a plate. Continue until you have used up all the batter, and have a pile of pancakes!