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5 tips for creating a magical tablescape with Interior Design Masters' Jack Kinsey

5 tips for creating a magical tablescape with Interior Design Masters' Jack Kinsey

We were so captivated by Jack's exquisite creations on BBC's Interior Design Masters this year, that we invited him back to share five timeless tablescaping tips, suitable for every season. 

1. Ambiance

Create an enchanting ambiance by embracing the art of lighting. Illuminate your space with flickering candles, casting a warm and inviting glow that sets the stage for an extraordinary evening of elegance and a relaxed, chit chatty atmosphere. Opt for rechargeable LED lighting or delicate fairy lights for a practical yet luxurious alternative. I’ve used the enchanting  Wonder World, Zambezi and Highlandia Scented Candles on my table.

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2. Foliage, Foliage, Foliage

Adorn your table with branches using a table frame or simply create a garland along the centre of the table, intertwined with delicate ornaments or twinkling lights, creating a whimsical and magical atmosphere.

3. Tablecloths

Tablecloths are the forerunners in tablescaping! Think of them as adding an extra layer of sophistication, like adding a fabulous scarf to your outfit! They add elegance and give you the opportunity to really theme the scene according to the occasion, whether it be Easter, Halloween or Christmas! I’ve chosen the Zambezi tablecloth for my table, which I think works well for any occasion.

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4. Napkins & Napkin Rings

Napkins are not only practical, but can be their own statement pieces on the table. Choose patterns that complement the tablecloth, and add fun, ornamental napkin rings to help tie the whole tablescape together. I’ve used a set of the lovely EJS linen napkins to help bring the tablescape together.

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5. Layering Tableware

Layering different tableware elements will add depth and dimension to your tablescape. I have opted for a tablecloth as a base, followed by a dinner plate, napkin and side plate but of course a bowl couldn’t hurt as well! Mix and match different textures, patterns, and colours for an eclectic look, or keep it cohesive with matching sets.

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Follow Jack on Instagram @jackkinsey and on his website https://www.jackkinsey.co.uk/