The Making of an EJS Silk Framed Artwork

The Making of an EJS Silk Framed Artwork

  1. Once our UK-based factory prints and mounts our silk artworks on their backings, Emma numbers and signs each silk artwork by hand, so they can then be framed to order in London.

2. The wood for the frame is first cut into pieces of exactly the right size to make the frame -  our silk prints measure 66 cm x 66 cm

3. Glue is applied at each end of the wood, and a frame joiner is used to affix the pieces of wood together.

4. A custom cut acrylic sheet is then inserted into the frame, then the carefully cut-to-size wood pieces are slotted into each side, and then a framing point gun is used to secure the wood and acrylic in place

5. To prevent dust from getting trapped during framing, an antistatic foam cleanser is wiped across the acrylic. 

6. Then, the backing board, which holds the acrylic, mount board and artwork together, is carefully cut to size and the picture hooks are added onto the back.

7. Prior to placing the backing board onto the print and starting the sealing process, a dust blower gun is used to ensure no dust has been trapped within the frame or on the print.

8. To secure the acrylic, backing, and artwork into the frame, the framing point gun is used again.

9. Lastly, sealing tape is applied to the back of the print to help provide added protection against changes in humidity and moisture over time.

10. Ta-dah! Beautifully framed and ready to be sent out to you

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