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Help save the snow leopard

Roaming the cold, snowcapped landscapes of Central Asia, numbers of snow leopards living in the wild have dropped to between 4000 - 6500. We teamed up with Atelier Swarovski and the Snow Leopard Trust to help raise awareness of the threat to these incredible cats.

Our exclusive, limited edition scarf rings are palladium-plated and encrusted with hundreds of geometric Swarovski crystals like leopard spots. The range includes scarf rings in the form of a snow leopard's face or interlocking paws, and our exclusive Himalaya scarf featuring the snow leopard and ice-like crystals inspired from the drawing

The Snow Leopard Trust work hard to build partnerships to determine the priorities for protecting these endangered species by understanding the behaviour and habitat of the leopard, listening to the community to identify needs and seeking out the resources needed to sustain long-term programs.


Help the snow leopards by shopping the scarf ring range on our online store here or make your own donation to the Trust through their website.

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