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Zambezi Velvet Cushion - Pink Zambezi Velvet Cushion - Pink

Zambezi Velvet Cushion - Pink

On Sale £63.00

Transform your bedroom into a Magical Lynx inspired dream with the Lynx Duvet Cover in Pink and Nude, designed by Emma J Shipley. Featuring a striking scene of creatures including a flying Winged Lynx with peacock tails. Lynx Duvet Cover

Lynx Duvet Cover

On Sale £108.00

A bold, luxurious upholstered occasion chair featuring Animalia fabric in the Amazon design by Emma J Shipley designed in collaboration with Clarke & Clarke. Featuring a selection of jungle animals in reds and teals Amazon Langley Chair

Amazon Langley Chair

On Sale £445.00

Emma J Shipley Kruger luxury throw, inspired by nature, African wildlife including zebras and giraffes. Kruger Throw

Kruger Throw

On Sale £355.00

 The Frontier design by Emma J Shipley, on a silk chiffon scarf, dramatic combination of acid lime, marvellous magenta and bright blue on a black background. Frontier Silk Chiffon Scarf

Frontier Silk Chiffon Scarf

On Sale £138.00

The round Amazon tray features a stunning array of hand-drawn creatures inspired by the Amazon rainforest, designed by Emma J Shipley Amazon Tray - Round

Amazon Tray - Round

On Sale £27.50

Emma J Shipley and Jamida collaborated on the Protea Placemat, featuring a hand drawn scene of magical creatures Protea Placemat - Large

Protea Placemat - Large

On Sale £16.00

The Lynx Square Pillowcase with a Pink back and a Nude Front which can be used either side to create your own colour combination to create a magical bed spread. Hand drawn by Emma J Shipley with Clarke & Clarke this bedding is perfect for all animal lovers out there who want to add a touch of fantastical feeling to their bedroom. Lynx Square Pillowcase - Single

Lynx Square Pillowcase - Single

On Sale £33.00

This safari inspired tray features giraffes, zebras, humming birds and tropical plants hand-drawn by Emma J Shipley Kruger Tray - Round

Kruger Tray - Round

On Sale £31.00

Transform your bedroom into a surreal Narnia inspired dream with the Caspian Duvet Cover in aqua, designed by Emma J Shipley. Featuring a striking scene of creatures including an English Lion and Mystical Spotted Unicorns all inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia. Caspian Duvet Cover

Caspian Duvet Cover

On Sale £108.00

The Amazon Double Bolster Cushion features jaguars hidden amongst foliage and playful parrots in the trees. Amazon Double Bolster Cushion

Amazon Double Bolster Cushion

On Sale £66.50

The fantastical circular Lynx tray created by luxury designer and illustrator Emma J Shipley Lynx Tray - Round

Lynx Tray - Round

On Sale £31.00