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The Perfect Pairing - styling the new Phoenix collection

The Perfect Pairing - styling the new Phoenix collection

Our latest Phoenix collection is so varied and versatile - the styling choices are in abundance! Here we've created four different scarf-styled outfits for four different situations to inspire your wardrobe choices this week. Which one will work for you?

1. The Dinner Date

Gold - a colour associated with love, passion and wisdom. With that in mind, let the Phoenix Fine Wool Gold Scarf mesmerise your date with some striking and timeless gold touches.

1. Phoenix Fine Wool Scarf, 2. Acne Turtleneck Sweater, 3. Co Flocked Metallic Skirt, 4. Charlotte Olympia Pandora Perspex Clutch, 5. Jimmy Choo Black Suade Pumps

2. The Leisurely Lunch

Want more from your clothing? Invest in our Fenrir Silk Chiffon Scarf and turn any outfit from understated to bold. Allow the magical and surreal elements of the Fenrir Scarf to add artistic flair to a relaxed outfit. 

1. Fenrir Silk Chiffon Scarf, 2. Saint Laurent Silk Shirt, 3. Saint Laurent High-Rise Straight Leg Jeans, 4. Saint Laurent Mirrored Leather Pumps, 5. Saint Laurent Leather Shoulder Bag

3. The Well-Dressed Worker

Considered and sophisticated, the Phoenix Silk Chiffon Scarf is ideal for those who relish being intellectually stimulated. Let this creative and unconventional design turn heads in the workplace, and feel intoxicated by the magical design.

1. Phoenix Silk Chiffon Scarf, 2. Mary Katrantzou Satin-Jacquard Trousers, 3. Gucci Gold-tone Swarovski Bracelet, 4. Temperley London Cutout Crepe-de-Chine Blouse 5. Saint Laurent Leather Loafers

4. The Social Butterfly

The Phoenix Skinny Silk Scarf is a sumptuous statement that would suit those who are confident in their own identity. This refined, intricate accessory can be worn multiple ways; stand out from the crowd time and time again with our modern classic scarf in this striking red hue. 

1. Phoenix Skinny Silk Scarf, 2. Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Ruffled Silk Blouse 3. Merchant Archive Satin Skirt, 4. Etro Gold-Plated Swarovski Ring, 5. Francesco Russo Flame D-Orsay Pump

Of course, the outfits above are simple examples we've created to exhibit just how versatile our Phoenix collection is. Take one home with you today and see how many ways you can wear it...