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Six ways to use your EJS trays this Spring...

The first day of Spring has officially sprung, and despite the fact that London is still covered with snow, we cannot wait to embrace the new season and all it has to offer. Last November we launched a charming range of birchwood trays printed with some of our most popular designs to date, and now that the change of season is in full swing, we wanted to show you six ideas of how to use our trays this Spring that you may not have already considered. Whether you love hosting lavish dinner parties, relaxing with a good book or cooking up storm, we think you'll love seeing what we've been using our EJS trays for recently...


Dinner parties and cocktail nights are one of the best opportunities to put our trays to good use. The round trays are ideal for holding drinks, glasses, canapés and nibbles and serving your guests in style. Or, from another angle, if you are the guest rather than host, our trays are the perfect alternative for a bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers to take along with you. Why not take a beautifully designed, memorable and thoughtful gift with you to the next dinner party you attend? With a stunning range of designs and colours, our trays are sure to inject your dining arrangement with a striking and unique touch of magic.

The Audubon Round Tray is the perfect companion to any Spring party - with its unusual design inspired by the botanical painter John James Audubon, it is host to an array of fantastical birds in enchanting jewel tones guaranteed to spark conversation among guests. Shop the Audubon Round Tray here.

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With Easter on the horizon, toasted hot cross buns and a cup of tea are absolutely necessary - and when the weather eventually warms up we can't wait to serve them on a colourful Kruger tray out in the garden. The Swedish birch wood, from which our trays are made, is dishwasher proof making our tray range incredibly easy to keep clean and fresh, perfect for serving up some tea and cake this Spring.

The Kruger Medium Tray is the perfect size and shape for a spot of afternoon tea, and will add a unique design element to your home in an instant. 

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Don't be fooled - it's not only the kitchen and dining room which can benefit from the use of our EJS trays; another way we love to use them is to organise our living area. Whether it's to hold electrical remotes, to display candles and house plants, or - and our favourite idea - to store an upcoming reading list. The medium and large sized trays are ideal for hosting a selection of magazines and books; it's a brilliant way to keep a specific pile separate from book storage elsewhere. And with the array of exciting hues that our trays are available in, this is also a really simple way to brighten your living room with some brilliant colour.

The Amazon Large Tray is generously sized and extremely versatile, perfect for adding some jungle magic to any room in your house. 

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The charming size of our small trays makes them multi-functional and an absolute staple to have in your home. We're going to show you two great ways to work this sized tray into your interior - firstly, as a prominent and practical feature in your kitchen. EJS trays are a wonderful way to display herbs, spices and cooking ingredients out on the side of your kitchen - mixing all those colours together will make a truly magical statement and is sure to add some flavour and colour to your work tops. Alternatively, they are also excellent as a way to organise ingredients while you use them, to keep mess to a minimum and to make your cooking experience a breeze.

The Audubon Small Tray comes in three colour variations and is a treasure that will add a small but bold statement to your home.

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Now this one is a classic... who can say no to a delicious breakfast in bed? Our luxurious, large trays are truly perfect for serving breakfast treats in bed for those lazy, lounging Sunday mornings when you're just not quite ready to get up yet. 

The Kruger Large Tray is the most suitably sized for serving a breakfast feast in bed. The striking Kruger design takes you on a safari adventure - what a way to start your morning...

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As promised, the second idea of how to use our smallest sized trays is as an organiser atop your bedside table or dressing table. There's nothing like keeping a tidy, organised dresser, and what better place to keep stray makeup, jewellery, perfume and other bits and bobs than on a technicolour tray designed to perfection?

The Audubon Small Tray features a stunning range of colours and is the perfect way to add a touch of style to a simple bedroom, or to add to a maximalist paradise

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Hopefully we've given you a little Spring inspiration on ways to brighten up your home with our EJS trays. We'd absolutely love to see how you use yours - upload your photos to social media with the tag #YourEJS to show us and for a chance to be featured on the blog.