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Scarf Styling with our winter Jacquards

Get scarf-styling-savvy with our winter styling guide! Featuring our new Jacquard Woven Scarves, we've created 5 winter looks, ideal for any occasion. The super luxurious wool and silk woven scarves are generously sized and are a heavier weight, allowing warmth and glamour this winter. Choose from either a statement tasseled edge or sophisticated fringing -  from casual appointments to formal events, we're sure there's a look here for you...

1. Extinct Jacquard Woven Scarf in Gold with Fringing

This luxurious and warm scarf is the ideal wrap-around this winter. Pair with a casual look of denim jeans and a chunky knit jumper to add a touch of glamour to your casual winter wardrobe. Plus, it looks great when worn with our upcoming Cheetah tote bag...

2. Tigris Jacquard Woven Scarf in Grey with Tassels

Brighten up your monochrome closet with our Tigris Jacquard in Grey. The lime green tiger detailing is sure to make a bold statement this season, along with the opulent tasseled edging. 

3. Tigris Jacquard Woven Scarf in Teal with Fringing

Tied around the neck in a stylish chocker-fashion, the Tigris Jacquard in Teal is your new key winter accessory. The vibrant colours of teal and orange allow the silk sheen to shine, providing luxury as well as warmth.

4. Extinct Jacquard Woven Scarf in Magenta with Tassels

A bold twist on the classic evening shawl - the Extinct Jacquard in Magenta is an ideal investment for your next formal event. Sophisticated yet whimsical, the beasts of myth and legend come to life in an elegant fashion, emphasised by the tasseled edge. The Aspinal of London Pegasus Scarlett Clutch also adds a touch of elegance to this evening look...

5. Tigris Jacquard Woven Scarf in Midnight with Tassels

The perfect pairing to your winter coats - the Tigris Jacquard in Midnight adds a graceful touch, worn open or tied. Meticulously colour-coordinate this scarf with other shades of blue and grey - or even pair it with the Aspinal of London Pegasus Mini Marylebone Tote...

We love each of these looks - but which is your favourite? Shop your chosen scarf on our website now; a treat for yourself or for friends and family this festive season.