Our brand new cushions have launched exclusively at Liberty!

Our brand new cushions have launched exclusively at Liberty!

That's right - brand new cushions! After the overwhelmingly positive responses we received for our first release of cushions, we thought it was only fair to create some more. So that's exactly what we've done, and they're now on sale exclusively at Liberty London

Looking on to the 4th floor home-wear department.

The new Phoenix Printed and Extinct Jacquard Woven square cushions are displayed on the shelves in Liberty.

Left and right: The latest Jacquard Woven cushions are positioned on luxurious Liberty sofas.

New sizes, designs and fabrics are all elements of this exclusive cushion range, proudly made in the UK. Within the collection, we've produced some larger printed styles which are perfect for making a stylish statement this Christmas. We've also introduced some new Jacquard Woven silk blend cushions alongside our previous Cotton & Silk Printed cushions, to really give your home a touch of whimsical luxury.

Left and right: You'll find our brand new cushions next to the Liberty Christmas Shop - heaven!

Left and right: Detailed shots showing the intricate detail of the new Extinct and Constellations cushions.

Friendly EJS faces and designs feature upon these luxurious cushions. We've transferred the Constellations, Phoenix, Kruger and Extinct illustrations onto our latest cushions, and we think they look magical

The Amazon Palms, Cheetah and Giraffe cushions are still available at Liberty.

The magnificent exterior of Liberty London.

So, head to Liberty London and take home a brand new and exclusive cushion today! They can be found on the 4th Floor in the Home department, directly next to the stunning Christmas Shop. You can also find the Amazon Palms, Cheetah and Giraffe cushions in store at Liberty, with more being re-stocked online soon, along with these new cushion styles and some additional secret styles...