How to wear it - 6 creative ways to style your scarf this summer

Wimbledon is starting soon, we've got our sunglasses and umbrellas at the ready, festivals are on every weekend - it can only mean summer! This season, try a new way to tie your scarf with our how-to video guides of some of our favourite creative styles - even better when they're in our summer sale!

1. The statement necklace - Drakon classic silk scarf in magenta

2. The elegant choker - Drakon skinny silk scarf in black

3. The belted silk style - Extinct silk chiffon in blue

4. The one shoulder top - Drakon silk chiffon in black

5. The double knot - Shadowcats classic silk scarf in blue

6. The summer sarong - Drakon silk chiffon scarf in black

Try these styles with the scarf you've had your eye on, shop up to 50% off in our summer sale, on now.