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How to style this season's skinny scarf

The fresh look for spring this season is of course, the skinny scarf. Harking back to a carefree, seventies feel, the EJS skinny is an easy way to make your outfit stand out from the crowd. With bold colours and hand drawn designs printed on pure silk, we've fringed the ends for the ultimate, elegant drape.

Explore our different ways to style the skinny this spring.

1. Headband bow - The beauty of the skinny style is the length. Wrap it round your head to show off a bow detail.

Emma J Shipley in the Drakon blue skinny scarf

2. Plain and simple - Emphasise the contrast of bold colour and fine detail against a plain canvas, or in this case a chic black knit.

Emma J Shipley wearing the Shadowcats skinny scarf in turquoise

3. Mix it up - Team a delicate silk skinny against different textures and fabrics like leather, wool or denim. Keep the colours simple and let your skinny scarf colour pop! 

Emma J Shipley wears the magenta Drakon skinny scarf

4. High tie - Worn like a formal tie, this style is knotted high at the neck, free to display the unique designs in the drape.

Emma J Shipley in the grey Shadowcats skinny silk scarf

6. Accessorise - Team a bold, silk skinny with other accessories for creative, individual look. We love to match ours with a wide brim fedora and heavy, gold rings - or the occasional wall mural!

Emma J Shipley styling the Drakon skinny scarf in black

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