Embrace colour this Spring with our transformative spectrum of scarves...

Let us take you on an exciting adventure through the world of EJS to shop our striking scarf collection in all its technicolour wonder.

Using colour is one of the most simple ways to update your wardrobe this Spring, and adding a luxurious scarf will transform any outfit. Printed on a plethora of fine Italian fabrics, our scarf collection is packed with a wide spectrum of shades sure to satisfy...

Wild lime, blue, red, pink and gold are just a handful of the magical tones you can expect to find in our vast range of unique scarves

Read on to see some of our top scarf picks organised by hue, or click here to shop the scarf collection now...


Shop the Emma J Shipley scarf collection by colour: green is of our most loved hues and one of the easiest way to embrace the beauty of nature in your wardrobe

With an important part of Emma's inspiration coming from the beauty of the natural world, it's no wonder that one of our key scarf colours is green. From lime to emerald, mixed with teals and blues or contrasted with a vivid pop of orange, there's plenty of stunning shades for you to shop.

Shop the scarves in the image directly below or click here to shop the green collection now

Elven Modal Blend Scarf £280

Amazon Silk Skinny Scarf £125

Giraffe Silk Neckerchief £90

Caspian Silk Chiffon Scarf £265

Audubon Silk Chiffon Scarf £265

Kruger Jacquard Woven Scarf £280


Shop a selection of our striking red scarves, from skinny silk scarves to large fine wool shawls, Emma J Shipley scarves cover a huge variety of sizes and shapes in stunning fabrics and vibrant colours

Autumnal reds, vibrant corals and warm oranges are another classic EJS shade. Add a refreshing splash of red to your wardrobe this Spring with the new Fable collection or revisit some of our past season delights.

See our favourites below or shop the red collection now...

Phoenix Silk Chiffon Scarf £265

Caspian Silk Chiffon Scarf £265

Amazon Fine Wool Shawl £355

Amazon Silk Skinny Scarf £125

Amazon Silk Neckerchief £90

Elven Silk Chiffon Scarf £265


Brilliant blues are some of our most popular colours across our entire Emma J Shipley collection, not only scarves. Brighten your Spring wardrobe with an easily adaptable colour palette while making a bold, blue statement

The scarves in the blue collection will take you beyond the jungle plains, into the ocean, across the night sky and deep into the forest. You can find deep navy, rich royal blue, soft eggshell and every hue in between...

See our favourites below or click here to shop the blue collection now

Frith Modal Blend Scarf £280

Pegasus Fine Wool Scarf £280

Tigris Jacquard Woven Scarf £295

Sirens Silk Skinny Scarf £125

Giraffe Pocket Square £55


Glorious gold! Subtle yellow and golden tones are often found in Emma J Shipley scarves, including some of our most popular designs and our new Fable collection pieces...

Warm gold is one shade you can always be sure to find in our seasonal scarf collections. From jaguars and rabbits to tigers and mermaids, creatures from far and wide - both real and imaginary - can be found in the golden world of EJS...

See our favourites below or click to shop the gold collection

Sirens Modal Blend Scarf £280

Amazon Fine Wool Shawl £355

Frith Silk Chiffon Scarf £265

Elven Silk Skinny Scarf £125

Extinct Jacquard Woven Scarf £395


A beautiful selection of silk and wool scarves by Emma J Shipley, in all shades of pink...

Inspired by both the natural world and the likes of Wes Anderson and Rene Magritte, the colour pink is a staple hue among our scarf collection. Deep magentas, soft pinks and subtle corals can all be found on the online store...

See our favourites below or shop the magenta collection now

Pegasus Fine Wool Scarf £280

Neptune Silk Skinny Scarf £125

Frith Modal Blend Scarf £280

Elven Modal Blend Scarf £280

Drakon Silk Skinny Scarf £125

Giraffe Silk Neckerchief £90


And if you still haven't quite decided which shade is for you, click here to shop the full technicolour range now...