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Christmas according to... Tomasz Donocik

This week we've been tucking into the advent calendar and catching up with jeweller Tomasz Donocik on his holiday plans and Christmas traditions, but first, let's take a look at what's under the tree for his loved ones this year...


Hi Tomasz, thanks for chatting with us today. 2015's been great for you, whats been your best moment looking back over the year?

2015: Definitely a long year with loads of exciting things happening. It started with me launching my new Electric Night collection. Its my fine jewellery range for the ladies. The collection is a fresh take on my previous work and its been all about coloured gems. With this collection we proudly opened in the early spring at Bergdorf Goodman! It's a fantastic platform and I'm very honoured to be part of the Bergdorf Goodman family. Following our annual exhibition at the Couture Show Las Vegas, I won 'Best Coloured Gems under 20k" category. It was fantastic to get an accolade for the new collection. Apart from that, this year it was all about travel. I visited Japan in the autumn where we held a private event for our fans. Following that I collaborated with "Hearts on Fire", a diamond brand from Boston, USA, on a mini collection along side the Rock Vault and Stephen Webster. These pieces were launched in Hong Kong and Shanghai with Tai Chow Fook.

Wow, what a huge year! Where do you get your inspiration from?

I consider myself as an artist who specialises in jewellery design and the making, my inspirations come from all over the place. I approach my jewellery as art, therefore I'm not restricted by traditional techniques and methods. I consider my collections as a form of story telling and each time I create a collection, it tells a story.

My current collection, Electric Night, is inspired by the neon-lit skyscrapers of cult sci-fi movie Bladerunner. I've presented a dazzling collection of stylish cocktail rings, earring cuffs, drops and necklaces. I was inspired by the dark, seductive aesthetic of neo-noir films, the lightening bolts, light beams broken by whirring fans and neon advertising glowing in the rain. The hero in Electric Night is the baguette stone with shape and form playing supporting roles.

“I consider my collections as a form of story telling and each time I create a collection, it tells a story”

Sounds beautiful. What are your plans for Christmas this year?

This year my family are all visiting my parents in Vienna. It'll be a proper winter wonderland atmosphere. I can already smell the mulled wine and sweet candy floss in the air!

I love the sound of that! Is there anything in particular you're hoping for this Christmas?

I'm hoping that it will snow in Vienna so I can go skiing for a couple of days. There's nothing nicer than a fresh snow-covered mountain slope!

We agree. Tell us about some of your favourite Christmas traditions...

Being raised with Polish traditions we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, in the evening. According to our tradition we have 12 courses so the dinner lasts 'til late. Then we sit around the open fire and unpack our presents one by one, whilst enjoying a glass of wine. It's great as its more about being together and experiencing the unwrapping of the presents, rather than the actual gifts themselves. At midnight it's tradition to go to midnight mass. The morning after there is a huge breakfast with homemade pâtés, beef tartare and numerous other freshly made dishes. 

“There's nothing nicer than a fresh snow-covered mountain slope!”

You're making me hungry! So finally, what can we expect from Tomasz Donocik in 2016?

In 2016 I shall be launching my new website. It's been a long time in the making. It'll be an e-commerce site too, therefore my first direct outlet. Super exciting! We'll also be launching a new collection. Both for men and women - watch this space!

Thanks Tomasz!

You can see more of Tomasz Donocik's collections here and his new website coming soon.

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