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Christmas according to... Lily Kamper

Fairy lights hang from the trees, the infamous adverts are on tv, there's no denying it - Christmas is upon us again! We're looking forward to showcasing our wrapping skills, sipping mulled wine and watching A Muppets Christmas Carol! 

This year we spoke to a few of our favourite designers to find out about their inspirations, treasured Christmas traditions and what they're planning on gifting to the special people in their life. 

This week we spoke to jewellery designer, Lily Kamperbut firstly we wanted to find out what she's planning on gifting the special people in her life.

Hi Lily, thanks for chatting with us today. 2015's been a great year for you - we love your new bespoke service and beautiful engagement rings! Whats been your best moment looking back over the year?

I think the best moment this year was probably achieving a place on the BFC Rock Vault initiative, presenting my work to their amazing panel of judges and also launching the Lily Kamper fine collection at London Fashion Week!

Wow, sounds great. Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration always comes from quite varied places, my own travels (mostly around London with its wonderful architecture) to the works of amazing artist such as Dan Flavin. For SS16 I was particularly intrigued by the architect Louis Kahn who designed the incredible National Assembly building in Dhaka.

What are your plans for Christmas this year?

I am so lucky to be able to spend Christmas with my family at home in the countryside near Cambridge, everyone lives really close by so we tend to spend the day bopping about visiting everyone. This year is going to be especially great as it is the first Christmas with my 6 month old nephew Albert. The best thing for me is all the great food we get to eat, everyone in my family are pretty amazing cooks (except me!)

Is there anything in particular you're hoping for this Christmas?

This year I am hoping for a few days off! It's always the busiest time of year for me, making lots of special orders for Christmas, working on the new season production, hand making each piece in the studio and also working on the new AW16 collection. I've written in my diary specific days that I have to take, but it almost never happens!

What are some of your favourite Christmas traditions you're looking forward to?

The only real family tradition we have is that my mum, sisters and I all decorate her tree together, which means it always goes up pretty late! My mum has a really bonkers collection of Christmas decorations, from fish and birds to a beautiful paper angel that sits on top. Each Christmas she gets each of us a decoration so we all have our own small collection of decorations too. My favourite is a velvet puffin she bought in Iceland.

And finally, what can we expect from Lily Kamper in 2016?

I am really excited to launch the next fine pieces I've been working on. I've been working with some really amazing stone cutting techniques which I can't wait to share! I'm also looking forward to travelling to Las Vegas with the BFC for Rockvault for the Couture Jewellery Show. I've never been to Vegas and I'd really like to visit the Neon Light Graveyard.

Thanks Lily!  

Check out more of Lily's work here.


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