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Behind the scenes: The Mythical collection

Hand drawn illustrations of dragons with foliage scales and shadowcats playing with regal crowns feature in the new Mythical scarf collection. We were delighted to have Donna Wallace, accessories editor from Elle UK, style our latest Mythical scarf collection with the talented photographer Mehdi Lacoste. Here's your insider view, behind the scenes shooting the Mythical scarf range.

The Emma J Shipley Mythical collection on location

Donna Wallace, accessories editor for Elle magazine, wearing the Drakon silk skinny scarf in black.

A contemporary, unique collection deserves an interesting and unexpected fashion shoot to capture the mood. Bold blues and magentas are illuminated with fluorescent lighting, while hand drawn motifs taken from the scarf designs create intriguing tattoos on our model, Jazmine Hikaka

Emma J Shipley Extinct scarf in turquoise silk chiffon

Explore the collection here to create your own legend.