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5 reasons to own a fantastical Neckerchief

5 reasons to own a fantastical Neckerchief

Our silk Neckerchiefs may be small in size, but they're the perfect accessory to take you from summer into autumn in style. Our hand-drawn signature designs have been transferred onto these luxurious 100% silk scarves, all made in the UK. If you're unsure on how these smaller scarves can work for you, then we're here to help - we've depicted our top five ways to use our captivating neckerchiefs below. We love sharing our styling techniques to accessorise your wardrobe (and homes) and make a striking statement - which one will become your new favourite style saviour? 

1. Tied around the neck

The most obvious way to wear one of our neckerchiefs is around the neck. Simply tie a small knot at the back for a relaxed look, or tie at the side for stylish statement. 

2. Tied around a handbag

If you're not the scarf-wearing type but would love to display our unique designs on-the-go, then the handbag method is perfect. There are many ways to tie a neckerchief around a handbag, depending on the size of bag, but our favourite is to wrap the scarf around the handle and tie two simple knots at each side. 

3. Tied in the hair

A slightly more bold look would be to tie one of our neckerchiefs in your hair. There are many ways to do this, but we think the most stylish (and simplest) is to create a 'bow' effect at the side. 

4. Wrapped around the wrist

Our smaller silk scarves are ideal for tying around the wrist - just wrap the scarf around the wrist and complete with a small knot on top. Add a subtle pop of colour and style to your wardrobe with this simple idea.

5. Framed for some beautiful wall art

If you're still unsure about styling one of our neckerchiefs but love the designs upon them, don't worry - all is not lost. We feel our smaller scarves look stunning hung on walls - take them to your nearest framer and inject your walls with some EJS magic.