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Wilderie makeover tips from our 4 style talents

6th March 2020

Take a peek inside our Wilderie wonderland press event that took place earlier this week, in celebration of our biggest ever launch of fantastical fabrics and wallpapers with Clarke and Clarke!

It was a magical celebration of colour, fabric, fantasy pattern, and all things maximalist ✨ To help us show off the extensive range we asked four very talented women - Sofie Hepworth @threeboysandapinkbath, Sandra Baker @the_idle_hands, Melanie Boyden @melaniejadedesign, and Jess Hurrell @gold_is_a_neutral, to be our Style Talents for the day and create a statement (albeit small!!) space using the collection in a way that represents their unique style point of view. 

The results were truly mesmerising, maximalist and inspiring, bringing the designs to life with EJS accessories and small touches...

Scroll down to get inspired by the enchanting designs that were used to create the final booths...

Sofie's Booth 

"When I was asked to do this collaboration, my initial thought was that I am not a true maximalist, but I am somebody that loves colour! When I saw the wallpaper and the fabric, it was very exciting and I wanted to demonstrate that you can take a more maximalist pattern and take it in a more minimalist approach... which is why I went for the pannels and coloured walls, because that is what I would do in my own home.

I would tend to break pattern up with block colour, as I don't have the confidence to layer the patterns, but I think that this experience has totally changed my view! Seeing this today all come together, I am definitely going to use more in my new home...

As you can see I am a big fan of mustard! But the colours in my booth are taken from the colours I am most drawn to at the moment, such as earthy tones, orange and gold and I love the contrasts of colours I have used. When using colour I try to bring in one surprise element that you wouldn't expect to see together. 

I'm hoping that you get the slightly more minimal vibe on the maximalist take with my booth design, and I absolutely love the way it turned out."

Sandra's booth

"I really like to use the same pattern in a different colourway (which luckily Emma has a lot of choices) on top of each other, I really love how that looks. So here in my booth, we have the Silverback Wallpaper, which has the amazing gorilla print design that is picked up in the lampshade, by using the SIlverback Linen in a lighter colour to the wallpaper and I have picked it up again in the cushion, using the Silverback Velvet. 

I have taken the colour inspiration from the wallpaper to match with the lovely lime green Lost World Velvet for the sofa. I knew I liked the fabric, but when I turned up today it's blown me away how striking the depth of colour is, which is what I have found in loads of Emma's prints which I love. 

I have gone for a relaxed look, taking the jungle theme to the next level with accessories, using the monstera plant, plant lighting on the wall, checky critter candle holder, and the jungle palms velvet cushion to top it all off.

I am always drawn to blues, greens and dark shades, so I am delighted with how its all turned out!"

Jess's Booth

"For my booth I just went for it!... When I first looked at the project I, like Sofie don't consider myself a true maximalist however when I was looking at what I was going to do, I did try and experiment with putting plain colours in but then I really loved the way the patterns looked all layered together!

Because I got the pink and green booth, with the Lynx Wallpaper and Zambezi Velvet, I wanted to go for it and lay everything together. Having the sofa in the dark green grounds it all, with the beautiful pink Lynx Wallpaper. As Sandra said, seeing the colours in real life, made me realise how strong the pigment is and how vivide they are. 

I love my footstool with the Lynx Velvet and fringing, it has everything going on, and I added my very own booth selfie mirror! The frame picks out the teals in the wallpaper and the pink pampas top off the look. 

I love my booth!"

Melanie's Booth 

"For my backdrop, I went for the metallic Caspain gilver wallpaper, so a more monochrome base with subtle colours coming through, and the black Creatura Linen for the sofa. At first, I was worried because I'm very much all about using colour, but I love the fact that I went for this booth because I meant I could bring out the pinks and greens in the designs, which is similar to my own home - using pink and green combinations.

What I wanted to create was a little cocktail corner, so straight away I imagine the space with cocktail glasses, a pineapple decanter, plants and party shoes... this is where I would like to kick my heels off after a night out!

I loved adding in the bright Sylph Silk cushions to bring it to life and also the Audubon silk cushion which picks up more of the pink theme. I couldn't decide on which cushions to go for, because I love all the prints! So I went for print of the front and plain silk on the back so you could mix it up. 

I also used the Kruger Throw, because I thought it looked so beautiful with the rest of the scheme. 

I'm really pleased with how it all turned out!"


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