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The 2018 Gift List is here...

28th November 2018

With the most magical day of the year fast approaching, we're so excited to reveal this year's Gift List!

We've curated 7 gift guides perfectly suited to the needs of each of the members of your Christmas shopping list. If you're searching for a unique present for a lover of art, travel, style, fantasy tales and everything in between; then keep reading to see which EJS creations we think would make the perfect gift.

Read on to be inspired by our festive gift selections or click here to shop the online store now...

The Storyteller

The world of Emma J Shipley is made of magic and built from surreal mythological creations, and here we've hand picked some of our favourite pieces. British folklore, Greek mythology and fairytales have all played a key role in the inspirations behind Emma's designs. These magical influences help to give our creations a charm which attracts lovers of all things fantasy. If you're shopping for somebody with a love of fantastical tales, why not surprise them with one of our beautiful accessories to adorn their wardrobe or home? From silk scarves and cushions to phone cases and fine art prints, we've curated a collection of our very favourite gift ideas. 

As seen in the image above...

Drakon Large Cushion

Elven Modal Blend Scarf

Elven Phone Case

Pegasus Large Print

Caspian Cushion


The Host

2018 has been the year of the EJS dining delights! From trays to placemats and coasters, we offer an opulent range of unique printed table accessories, perfect for gifting. With 5 tropical designs in a range of captivating colours, these EJS treats will make a thoughtful gift to anyone who loves hosting guests and holding lavish dinner parties in their home. Or an even more special gift idea for anyone who loves to entertain would be one of our striking upholstered chairs. These furniture pieces truly have the 'wow!' factor and anyone lucky enough to be gifted one is sure to be thrilled...

As seen in the image above...

Amazon Langley Chair

Zambezi Round Tray

Rousseau Langley Chair

Zambezi Large Placemat

Rousseau Coaster


The Artist

Anybody with a passion for fine art, colour, texture and form would be delighted to receive a piece from the EJS collection, all of which are printed from meticulous hand-drawn illustrations. The craftsmanship and precision that goes into each step of the design process means you'll be gifting a special, luxurious statement unlike anything you can find elsewhere. Emma's designs are often directly inspired by artists such as the Audubon and Rousseau designs; inspired by John James Audubon and Henri Rousseau, and evidence of this can sometimes be found in hidden details in the creations - a feature that any art lover would no doubt appreciate. Our fine art prints are a perfect gift for any friends and family who love art, as well as our beautiful silk notebooks for any stationary lovers. 

As seen in the image above...

Audubon Fine Wool Scarf

Amazon Silk Notebook

Rousseau Round Tray

The Tree of Soul Mini Print

Tigris Silk Notebook


The Cat Lover

At Team EJS we're all certified cat lovers, so this gift guide is guaranteed to please. The feline creatures in our designs are often inspired by historic anatomical sketches, Emma's own cats Luna and Romy and magical jungle cats from across the world. If you're shopping for a fellow cat lover then look no further - our Cat Lover gift guide is sure to provide you with the perfect gift! It features all of our favourite feline fancies: the best selling Cheetah and Amazon, Shadowcats, Tigris, and Caspian designs - adorning scarves, trays, cushions, chairs and more.

As seen in the image above...

Cheetah Double Bolster Cushion

Amazon Silk Chiffon Scarf

Caspian Cushion

Amazon Phone Case

Caspian Silk Skinny Scarf


The Best Dressed

It's been said that an EJS scarf is the best way to charm even the choosiest of style lovers... Whether your loved one wears silk, wool, cashmere or all of the above, we've got you covered! Our scarves are like wearable art; they host wild  prints and fantastical hand drawn scenes full of mystical creatures in far away worlds. With a unique array of colours and sizes, you'll be spoiled for choice!

As seen in the image above...

Zambezi Silk Chiffon Scarf

Lost World Fine Wool Scarf

Zambezi Silk Skinny Scarf

Elven Silk Skinny Scarf

Expedition Fine Wool Scarf


The Explorer

Excite a travel lover with these exotic gift ideas. Emma's travels are a constant inspiration for all of her drawing, and our latest Explorer collection was no different. A trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe created a foundation of design inspiration - but, of course, while the settings are based on specific places Emma visits, her signature surreal details are inspired by a touch of magic. If the beautiful African landscape holds a special place in your loved ones' heart, we highly recommend exploring this animalistic gift guide. But be warned, you're about to enter a world of spotted elephants, mysterious unicorn zebras, wondering giraffes and leaping gazelles.

As seen in the image above... 

Lost World Double Bolster Cushion

Zambezi Phone Case

Zambezi Tray

Zambezi Coaster

Kruger Round Tray


The Stocking Fillers

Add some exotic sparkle to the stockings this year... We've curated the very best of our smaller treats; phone cases, coasters, notebooks, trays and more. Treat your friends and family to some EJS treasure; if you know someone who loves unique design and appreciates meticulous craftsmanship then this is the perfect gift guide for you! 

As seen in the image above...

Audubon Tray

Kruger Phone Case

Amazon Coaster

Silverback Silk Notebook

Caspian Phone Case

We hope this has given you some special inspiration just in time for you to begin your Christmas shopping, and has helped you to pinpoint the perfect present for all. And if you're lucky enough to be gifted any EJS treasures this Christmas, don't forget to share your photos with us on social media with the hashtag #YourEJS


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