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Prepare yourself for the enchanting world of Animalia...

4th January 2018

Prowling jaguars, soaring birds and twisting foliage wind together to create a world of wonder. We're delighted to reveal an exciting preview of Animalia, our collaboration with interior furnishing experts Clarke & Clarke on a range of fantastical fabrics and whimsical wallpapers...

Developed from 8 of our favourite exotic designs, all available in a number of enchanting colour ways, they are certain to transform your home into a magical paradise. The world of Animalia is truly a maximalists' dream full of breathtaking detail and vibrant, unique colour. Our menagerie of co-ordinating fabric and wallpaper incorporates rich velvets, luxurious satins and stunning shimmering effects to create an incredible, tactile collection inspired by the intensity of the jungle and Emma's trips to the Amazon, Africa and the Far East

Read on to see exclusive images during production at UK-based Clarke & Clarke HQ; find out more about each design and discover exciting previews of our campaign imagery, product details and more...


The Amazon Design

Exciting previews of the Amazon fabric and wallpaper, including magical campaign imagery and original drawings by Emma

As one of our most-loved designs, and the very first that Emma developed, the Amazon design was perfect for this collection. Hosting an array of jungle creatures, including jaguars and parrots with plenty of EJS surreal touches, the hand-drawn design is inspired by an exciting journey through the jungle.

The Amazon fabric will be available in 5 different colour ways including striking combinations of tonal greens, vibrant reds and deep blues. All colours will be available in 100% cotton, and the Amazon red colour way will also be available in rich velvet. The same unique 5 colour ways will be available on the luxurious, non-woven Amazon wallpaper.


The Audubon design

First look at the Audubon fabric and wallpaper and magical campaign imagery

Next in the world of Animalia is the classic Audubon design, a beautiful hand-drawn scene featuring an array of majestic birds in flight, drawing inspiration from the work of botanical illustrator John James Audubon, who was known for his incredible paintings depicting these creatures of the sky.

The Audubon fabric will be available in 4 stunning colour ways, including vibrant pinks and navy, rich blues and majestic golds. All will be 100% cotton, with the pink also being available in luxurious velvet. The Audubon wallpaper will also be available in the same magical 4 colour ways, and will contain unique metallic highlights.


The Extinct design

Here are some exclusive previews of the Extinct wallpaper and fabric, and sneak peeks at our magical campaign imagery

Deep in the world of Animalia you'll also find the Extinct design, home to beasts of myth and legend. The fantastical dodo, sabre-tooth tigers and flying monkeys feature throughout this luxurious design, with notations inspired by the Ice Age

The Extinct fabric will be available in 5 distinctive colour combinations; you can expect to see striking blues, vibrant teals, and subtle golds and pinks. The Navy Audubon fabric will be available in rich velvet

The Extinct wallpaper will also be available in 5 stunning colour ways. The Extinct Blue features a striking metallic gold background, and the Extinct Magenta features a unique metallic gilver background. There are more smaller, luxurious metallic highlights throughout the Extinct wallpaper range too, adding an instant magical opulence to the collection.


The Jungle Palms design

Exciting sneak peeks of our Animalia wallpaper and fabrics in the Jungle Palms design...

Next on our journey through Animalia is the Jungle Palms design, which will transport you instantly to a mystical and enchanting tropical land. This striking repetitive design features a graphic array of exotic jungle trees entwined with twisting foliage

The Jungle Palms fabric will be available in 4 alluring colour ways, featuring vibrant teals, oranges and blues, subtle neutral tones and a stunning deep navy. Again, the navy will be available in our luxurious velvet. The Jungle Palms wallpaper will be available in the same stunning 4 shades as the Jungle Palms fabric.


The Kruger design

Enjoy these exclusive preview images of our Kruger wallpaper and fabric along with some sneak peaks of our fantastical campaign imagery

The fantastical Kruger design features unicorn-horned zebras, giraffes, hummingbirds and a sea of tropical plants, surrounding a towering palm tree. Inspired by a safari adventure, the classic Kruger design will take all maximalist lovers on an epic journey through a world of surreal exoticism

The Kruger fabric will be available in a beautiful range of 7 magical colour options, including some of the most vibrant shades of the entire collection. You will find a vast selection of vivid brights, a rich navy and some subtler pastel shades. The luxurious teal colour way will also be available in velvet.

The Kruger wallpaper will be available in all the same shades as the Kruger fabric, as well as a beautiful bonus colour way. The monochrome colour way features a striking and unique metallic gold background.


The Lemur design

The Lemur wallpaper and fabric - a preview of what's to come

The Lemur design has also been transformed into stunning fabric and wallpaper - perfect to create the dreamiest, technicolour interior space. This design features a quizzical lemur within a cluster of beautiful tropical foliage, with a similar repetitive feel to the Jungle Palms design. 

The Lemur fabric will be available in 4 fantastical colours; featuring vivid limes and teals, magical blues, deep navy and soft pink. The navy colour way will be available in rich velvet. The Lemur wallpaper will be available in the same exquisite 4 colour variants


The Rousseau design

A preview of the Rousseau fabric and wallpaper; details and sneak peaks from the campaign shots

The Rousseau design is another beautiful EJS design transformed into a beautiful piece of Animalia magic. The design features an intricately hand drawn pattern of winding foliage, peacock feathers and small birds and creatures. 

The Rousseau fabric will be available in 4 wonderful shades, of which the lime colour way will also be available in rich velvet. As well as vivid lime, you can expect to find vibrant blues, golds, teals and greens upon soft background tones. The Rousseau wallpaper will be available in the same 4 fantastical colours as the fabric.


The Tigris design Preview of the Tigris fabric and wallpaper; details alongside campaign sneak peaks

The enchanting Tigris design completes the wonderful world of Animalia. This design features a striking tiger inspired by classical Greek and Roman mythology, and in true EJS style, the design exhibits an intricate twist - a uniquely placed peacock tail and clockwork details. 

The Tigris fabric will be available in 4 fantastical colour ways, featuring vibrant flame orange, deep navy, striking teal and soft pink. The flame colour way will also be available in luxurious velvet. 

The Tigris wallpaper will be available in same 4 magical colours as the fabric, as well as an extra monochrome shade. The Tigris wallpaper feature stunning metallic pocket watch details. 

Another special treat we have on the way is a range of EJS x Clarke & Clarke ready-upholstered chairs and sofas made from the Animalia fabrics. This range will be available a little later on in the year - but if you can't wait that long, as you can see from our campaign imagery sneak peeks, all of the Animalia fabrics will be perfect for upholstering chairs, sofas and lamps and more; turning into cushion covers, curtains, throws and even tents... 

We're proud to say that the Animalia collection was made in the UK, and while visiting the production site, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take some photos to give you an insight into the process behind creating Animalia. Below you can see how the wallpapers are printed onto huge rolls...

Below are some beautiful examples of the luxuriously unusual metallic wallpaper details featured across some of the Animalia collection...


We hope that this detailed preview has made you just as excited to shop Animalia as we are delighted to share it... later this month you will be able to shop the fantastical fabrics and wallpapers directly from the EJS website.  

Make sure you're following us on Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest Animalia news, including more sneak peeks, behind the scenes videos and much more... 

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