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The legend of the Easter dragon!

23rd March 2016

Spring is a magical time of year! It's been great to get outside to wander through the daffodils with the warmth of sunshine on our back.

We're indulging our own fantastical Easter legend in the form of the Easter Drakon! Soaring from scarf to scarf, he's sprinkled hidden treats around the shop for you to find!

Between Wednesday 23rd March - midnight Easter Monday find up to colourful dragon egg illustrations each with a special code to use at checkout. You could discover a 25% discount or £30 off your order - it's a surprise! Codes are valid over the entire Emma J Shipley range. Hunt through the Mythical collection in our online store to discover the treasures left by the Easter Drakon! 

Happy hunting and happy Easter!

Grey Shadowcat scarf with an example of the dragon eggs to find in the Easter egg hunt. 


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