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Introducing the Mythical collection

15th February 2016

News has travelled across the realm that the Mythical collection is real and it's here! We're excited to share this new scarf range with you. Inspired by myths, legends and medieval stories, the designs echo Game of Thrones, Beowulf, Narnia and Tolkien's Middle Earth

Hand drawn designs feature the powerful Drakon, stretching its wings and breathing fire into a surrealist sky. Flowers and foliage grow from the scales on it's back while two unhatched eggs lay nearby. A playful Shadowcat frolics among the vines with a regal crown and key within paws reach. Inspired by Game of Thrones, Shadowcats are known to be bigger than cougars but smaller than tigers and display a thick furry coat with white stripes. Discover the original drawings here.

Rich cerulean blues and turquoises are contrasted with flashes of lime, gold and flame orange. Bold reds and magenta pinks add a fiery warmth to the collection. This range also sees the launch of a brand new skinny scarf style with designs printed on the bias in pure silk crêpe and fringed at both ends, giving an elegant drape. This addition promotes a youthful, seventies feel, alongside classic styles like our silk squares, oversize silk chiffon scarves and modal blended with cashmere. Discover the campaign images here.

We're looking forward to experimenting with fresh ways of wearing our favourite colours this Spring and creating our own legends

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