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Welcome to our new website!

25th June 2015

The day has finally come! If you were familiar with our site previously, then things will be looking remarkably different right now. After months of planning and hard work, our brand new site has finally gone live and we’re so excited for you to start exploring. We hope everything you see truly reflects us as a brand - imaginative, original and full of signature artistic elements. To mark this occasion, we thought we’d offer you a guided tour around some of the newest and most innovative elements of the site. From hand-drawn scarf styling tips to a hugely expanded blog, join us in exploring (what we think) is a website like no other…


Browsing products on our shop has been made easier and much more interesting with the inclusion of a new filtering system. Find your ideal scarf by searching via fabric, colour, price or even animal habitat. Whether you’re looking for a polar bear in his icy surroundings, a gorilla in the jungle or even a pegasus in the sky(!), you’ll now be able to explore our collections via the natural territories of the creatures featured in our designs.


We always love hearing what our customers and fans have to say about their Emma J Shipley items, and this now forms an important part of the online shop pages. Each item includes a tailored quote from press, influencers or customers to help you make a decision on which piece is right for you…


Also on the product pages, you’ll be able to browse a selection of items we think you may also like. Whether it’s a similar theme, animal or colour, enjoy browsing through our hand-picked recommendations for you. And if you’re struggling with how exactly to wear your new scarf, you’ll be pleased to see our new ‘How to Wear it’ illustrations, taking you step-by-step through styles we love. You’ll never be stuck for scarf style ideas again!


We’re also introducing a completely reinvented blog - with seven individual sections each with their own hand-drawn symbol. Follow us on recent trips by selecting ‘Adventure’, discover the references that go into creating a collection in ‘Inspiration’ and view snippets from some of Emma’s original drawings in ‘Emma’s Sketchbook’. All our recent announcements and happenings will be featured on ‘News’ and our personal recommendations (whether it’s a great designer you should check out or this week’s newest exhibition opening) will be in ‘Handpicked’. You’ll be able to find some wardrobe inspiration in ‘Style’ and more importantly, you can now leave comments at the bottom of all our blog posts, so please get involved and let us know your thoughts! Finally, ’#YourEJS’ remains one of our favourite parts of the site - we always love seeing you with your piece of Emma J Shipley. Don’t forget to use the hashtag on social media for the chance to be featured here!


One element we have put a lot of thought and effort into is the story behind the brand. You can now discover the process behind creating a scarf and the journey Emma has taken up until this point. Perhaps the most unique part of this page is the hand-drawn timeline - taking you through every step of the EJS story. Delicate illustrations sit beside handwritten notes to create a completely immersive experience we hope you’ll adore as much as us.


Last but by no means least, we’re excited to share the brand new Constellations film. Providing the focal point of the homepage and appearing throughout the website, the piece was created by the extremely talented team at Cloud City Films and soundtracked by none other than Morgan Nicholls. Get an insight into the creative process as Emma gathers inspiration and the new Constellation design comes to life in our studio. 

And that’s not even all of it! Click away and take your own tour to get acquainted with every element. Remember, we always love to hear your thoughts whether it’s in the new blog comments box or via social media, let us know what you think! Happy browsing…


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