Which of our captivating cushion combinations suit you?

Our latest collection of captivating cushions are ready for you to take home; the range features popular designs taken from our scarf illustrations. If you're stuck for choice and unsure about which one best suits your home or personality, we're here to help. We've grouped the cushions together and delved a bit deeper into the inspiration, colour and environment that we believe each cushion would be best suited to...

1. Jaguar Large Cushion and Amazon Bolster Cushion

The tonal nudes and golds in the Jaguar and Amazon Bolster cushions by luxury designer and illustrator Emma J Shipley are set to transport you to a world of relaxation and tranquility.

Influenced by a trip to the South African and Amazon jungle, the Jaguar Large Cushion and Amazon Bolster Cushion feature some arresting cross-species creations. Puma-jaguars and peacock-parrots, as well as a more realistic spotted jaguar, feature prominently amongst animalistic leaves and palms. The tonal colours of these cushions will transport you to a world of dreams and relaxation. 

2. Drakon Large Cushion, Cheetah Bolster Cushion and Shadowcats Cushion

The Drakon, Silverback and Cheetah cushions by Emma J Shipley are sure to tranform your home into a haven of adventure and mystery.

Ideal for those who love wilderness and adventure, the Cheetah Bolster Cushion, Drakon Large Cushion and Shadowcats Cushion will whisk you away to a world of fantasy and magic. Surrealist elements of each design, such as the prowling cheetah with anatomical details and the fire-breathing dragon with a body of foliage, will inject some exoticism into your home, aided by the natural green and yellow tones. 

3. Phoenix Cushion, Neptune Cushion in Turquoise and Silverback Bolster Cushion

The Silverback, Neptune and Phoenix cushions are influenced by animals in nature, with signature EJS surrealist twists.

The Neptune Cushion in Turquoise, Silverback Bolster Cushion and Phoenix Cushion feature designs that are heavily influenced by animals in nature, with our signature EJS surrealist twists. Majestic phoenixes with peacock-feather tails take flight, whilst a colourful array of undersea creatures and a humble silverback gorilla with exposed ribcage detailing make a style statement. What's more, the cool blue undertones of each make for a perfect serene home environment.

4. Neptune Cushion in Grey and Cheetah Cushion in Pink

If you love pink but you're not sure how to utilise it in your home, look no further than our Cheetah Pink cushion and the Neptune Grey cushion, with subtle pops of this popular shade.

Pink isn't everyone's cup of tea, so give your home a subtle pop of this popular shade with our whimsical Neptune Cushion in Grey and Cheetah Cushion in Pink. The tonal grey and nude colours of both cushions allow for versatile use - plus, the bold pink flamingo and cheetah are sure to capture the attention of any house guest. 

5. Audubon Large Cushion, Silverback Cushion and Papilio Cushion

An array of blue - the Silverback, Audubon and Papilio cushions by Emma J Shipley host a plethora vivid blues, as well as collections of whimsical creatures.

If you appreciate intricate detailing and have a penchant for moody blue interiors, you can't go astray with our Silverback Cushion, Audubon Large Cushion and Papilio Cushion. Turquoise, teal, navy and cerulean are rife within these three cushions and make for a bold statement, not to mention the inspiring and intricate hand-drawn designs themselves. 

Of course, you're entitled to display our latest creature comforts however you please - these are just some playful pointers to aid your decision making. The cushions are available now in limited numbers, so be sure to take home your favourite to complete your own inspiring interior while you can - but which will it be?