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Welcome to Tinker Bell's world!

After months of anticipation, The Disney Tinker Bell collection finally went live on the online store this week and we couldn't be more excited. Tinker Bell has swooped in and sprinkled her pixie dust across EJS HQ and beckoned us into her Never Never Land world! To celebrate the launch, take a little journey through the collection with our guide to all things Tinker Bell! Play dress up in the most magical of outfits with our Tinker Bell style edit, view the moodboards that inspired the collection and tune into our specially-tailored pixie playlist with 12 songs that will whisk you off to Never Never Land.


With a design as captivating as that of the Disney x EJS scarves, we thought it just as important to style the scarves in an equally as enchanted fashion! It's hard to beat Olympia Le Tan's beautifully embroidered clutch bags, and this collectible Peter Pan version was a match made in heaven for our Tinker Bell scarves. Forget any visions of fairytale dress-up with this bewitching Simone Rocha satin dress with feather embellishment that goes perfectly with Sophia Webster's jungle-inspired heels - the leaves even look like those on Tinker Bell's dress. And finally what party outfit would be be complete without a Piers Atkinson head piece? This one might not quite say Never Never Land but it's not far off...

The Tinker Bell fashion edit emma j shipley

1. Simone Rocha satin dress with feather embellishment, £1200; Browns, 2. Olympia Le-Tan Disney Peter Pan embroidered clutch, £1105; Net-a-Porter, 3. Figue Skull brass, ruby and bone cuff, £305; Net-a-Porter, 4. Sophia Webster Lilico floral-appliqued striped leather sandals, £495; Net-a-Porter, 5. Givenchy small star crystal earring, £360; Selfridges, 6. Piers Atkinson Wonderland pink veiled headband, £310; Selfridges, 7. Emma J Shipley Disney Tinker Bell silk chiffon scarf in turquoise, £280; emmajshipley.com


The design process behind the collection was fuelled by a vast array of references from the story of Peter Pan, including quotes and original sketches. Emma had rare access to the Disney archive where she discovered beautiful concept artwork by Mary Blair and Marc Davis's early character sketches of Tinker Bell which already began to show her feisty and playful spirit. The bold colours of the moodboards were referenced in the three different colour options of the scarves, with the midnight blue version creating an atmospheric Never Never Land at night scene referencing the hand-painted imagery. Skull Rock, the mermaids and Big Ben were all included in the design to really capture the story of Peter Pan and all it's elements...

Emma J Shipley Disney Tinker Bell Moodboard 2
Emma J Shipley Disney Tinker Bell Moodboard 1
Emma J Shipley Disney Tinker Bell Moodboard 5
Emma J Shipley Disney Tinker Bell Moodboard 4


The scarves were brought to life when we rallied our favourite duo of photographer Claire Huish and stylist Coline Bach together to reimagine to colourful world of Tinker Bell for our summer lookbook. The scarves were twisted and tied to show different parts of the print and create an elegant silhouette on our equally as magical model, Lottie, who did a great job of capturing Tinker Bell's otherworldly spirit, with her pale skin and delicate features. The backdrop and styling were kept simple to focus on the intricate print, but we couldn't resist framing the images with a snapshot of the design to make the pictures even more unique.

Emma J Shipley Disney Tinker Bell campaign both


Never Never Land wouldn't be complete without an accompanying soundtrack and we've put together a selection of tracks inspired by Tinker Bell in one way or another. Explore her world with a slightly alternative playlist that takes you to the jungle by way of Kool & The Gang, the mountains with Arcade Fire and over to the pirates on their ship with a song by Nick Cave. We're never ones to do things by the book here at Emma J Shipley, so we've stretched our imaginations and record collections far and wide for this extra special playlist! Listen to it here.

Finally we'll leave you with a peek of the original drawing and remember to browse the entire collection of pieces on the online store. We hope you're feeling suitably Tinker Bell-ed!

Emma J Shipley Disney Tinker Bell Drawing