The Aesop Collection

If you've been following us on social media recently, you may have noticed plenty of excitable updates about the launch of the much-anticipated Aesop Collection. All the waiting came to an end this week as the collection finally went live on our online store! Winter may be casting it's gloomy spell over us, however the dreamy Wes Anderson-inspired colours and woodland creatures of The Aesop Collection will (hopefully) cast you away to a fairy tale land where it's never gloomy...

Emma J Shipley Aesop Collection Frith Scarf
Emma J Shipley Aesop Collection Moodboard

Inspired by fables, myths and legends, the collection plays host to a number of British and European woodland creatures. Watership Down-inspired rabbits are accompanied by a colourful tortoise, clockwork mouse and a woodpecker, whilst foxes influenced by Aesop's Fables have winged helmets and feet. Two pegasus with signature mechanical elements are set upon an abstract photographic background taken from Emma's original film photography.

Emma J Shipley Aesop Scarf
Emma J Shipley Aesop Collection Pegasus Scarf

One of the main sources of inspiration behind the pieces were the Grimms' Fairy Tales, and the towering fairy tale castle in the centre of  the Frith design is a clear reference to the collection of stories. The colours are bright and ethereal - bold cerulean blues contrast with more sugary tones to create a selection of scarves that will elevate any outfit to a magical level!

Emma J Shipley Aesop Collection Frith Scarf
Emma J Shipley Aesop Collection Moodboard

We're so excited to introduce such a unique collection of new pieces in a huge array of colours that we hope you adore as much as we do. Also new on our online shop this week are the limited edition Aesop mini prints to accompany the collection - choose from them framed or unframed (another new addition to the online store!) for an original Christmas gift idea.

Emma J Shipley Aesop Collection Limited Edition Print

Emma J Shipley Aesop Collection Frith Modal Blend Scarf

Emma J Shipley Frith Original Drawing

The Aesop Collection will be launching in selected retailers this month and all pieces are available to purchase on the online store now.

Discover more of the collection here.