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Taking inspiration from Wes Anderson

Each season we work with multiple influences to create our original designs and this is certainly true of the recent Aesop collection. References ranged from Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Aesop’s Fables to Richard Adams’ Watership Down and illustrations by German physician Fritz Kahn. But this week we wanted to focus on one of the main colour inspirations for the collection; American filmmaker Wes Anderson.

Anderson is known for his unique visual style and distinctive, limited colour palettes, and it was the 2014 comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel that really captured Emma’s imagination for this collection (If you haven’t seen the film, we suggest you check out the trailer immediately).

Here we’ve collected a few our of our favourite Wes Anderson scenes alongside the designs they inspired. We hope they give you the same magical, dreamy feeling that we wanted to capture in the Aesop Collection…

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Aesop Modal Blend Scarf

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Tigris Modal Blend Shawl

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Kruger Silk Kaftan.

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Frith Silk Chiffon Scarf.

5. The Royal Tenenbaums and Frith Scarves in Silk Chiffon and Modal Blend

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Kruger Oversize Shirt.

7. The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Pegasus Silk Chiffon Scarf.  

*Wes Anderson colour palette images were found here.