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Taking inspiration from the classic Beauty and the Beast

Each time we start a new collection, we use multiple influences to create our original designs and this is certainly true of the new Beauty and the Beast collection. References ranged from looking at the form of crockery and antiques (in particular teacups, candlesticks, clocks and teapots), the organic nature of classic roses and petals, and the shape of intricate, detailed, old-looking books that Belle is known to love. 

Left and right: The mood-board of imagery that inspired our Beauty and the Beast collection of Scarves, Cushions and Nightwear.

But, more obviously, the main inspiration behind our enchanting design came from the classic Disney cartoon version of Beauty and the Beast from 1991. The cartoon is a renowned Disney classic and is known for its vivid colours, bold and brave characters, and the typical love-triumphs-hate seen in many Disney films. More specifically, it was the memorable and beloved characters, the signature rose and the overwhelming castle that really captured Emma’s imagination for this collection. 

Here we’ve collected a few of our favourite Beauty and the Beast scenes alongside the parts of the design they inspired. We hope they give you the same magical, dreamy feeling that we wanted to capture in the Beauty and the Beast Collection

1. Cogsworth and Lumière

2. Belle's love of literature

3. Mrs Potts

4. The Beast's looming castle

5. The signature rose