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Introducing the Cheetah Tote Bag

What could be better than our magical Cheetah design printed onto a fashionable yet low-cost bag? Well, with that in mind, we give you the Cheetah Tote Bag! The signature Cheetah illustration is printed onto an eco-friendly natural canvas bag, made from a luxury quality, heavyweight cotton canvas. The high value, reusable 100% Fairtrade bag is reassuringly robust and is available in a neutral beige colour with full colour print. 

Our brand new Cheetah Tote Bag - made from 100% Fairtrade, reusable cotton.

What's more, 20% of all proceeds from the Cheetah Tote will be donated to Cheetah Outreach, our favourite cheetah charity. Cheetah Outreach work by promoting the survival of the free ranging, Southern African cheetah through environmental education and partnering conservation initiatives.

Left and right: The stunning cheetahs that are looked after by the inspiring Cheetah Outreach charity. Photos courtesy of Cheetah Outreach.

South Africa is home to approximately 500 free-ranging cheetahs - a staggeringly low amount. Most of these wild cheetahs live outside protected areas and fall victim to traps and poison, or come into conflict with farmers or landowners. Because of this, Cheetah Outreach's main in-situ conservation activity is the Livestock Guarding Dog Programme, whereby the predator-livestock conflict is reduced through the placement and monitoring of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in free-ranging cheetah territory. These dogs guard livestock from predation, and have been proven to reduce the number of cheetah killings. Cheetah Outreach also have an education programme, where they provide South African children from all backgrounds with the opportunity to learn about and be inspired by their natural wildlife heritage

Left: A guard dog provided by Cheetah Outreach to protect farm animals from predation, thus reducing the number of free-roaming Cheetah killings. Right: An example of South African children being educated about their natural heritage by Cheetah Outreach.

Emma was lucky enough to pay a visit to the HQ in South Africa, and was able to see the inspiring work that they do first-hand. We really admire and support their work, and we're really thrilled to be fundraising alongside them. If you're an animal lover or care for the conservation of our natural environment, then shop our Cheetah Tote and help us help a great cause!