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Game of Thrones is back - choose your Noble House with us...

Emilia Clarke has already confirmed her house with our Drakon Scarf above, but as Game of Thrones returns with Season 7, have you considered which Noble House you belong to? Whether you are an honourable Stark with a dire wolf at your side, a strong yet mysterious Greyjoy, aspire to wealth and riches like the Lannisters or consider yourself a Targaryen Mother of Dragons, we're sure to have the sigil-representing statement for you. Make your allegiance known before the great war begins - your house needs your support... 

1. House Stark

A fearsome dire wolf fronts the sigil of House Stark, representing the honourable, fearless and noble attributes of the house; pledge your allegiance to the Starks with our Fenrir scarves and shawls. What's more, soar to new heights like the three eyed raven with our Phoenix collection...

Game of Thrones inspired collection of scarves and cushions, by luxury designer and illustrator Emma J Shipley.

2. House Lannister

Known for their love of wealth, power and riches, the sigil representing the Lannisters features a golden rearing lion. If you have a passion for the finer things, then you'll love our House Lannister inspired collection of gold, opulent pieces. Or, choose this house if you love tigers, lions or other breeds of cat (we won't stop you...)

A gold, opulent and luxurious colleciton of House Lannister inspired scarves and cushions, by Emma J Shipley.

3. House Targaryen

Do you fancy yourself as the new Mother (or Father) of Dragons? Or, do you consider yourself to be full of passion, drive and excessive motivation? Make your Targaryen allegiance known with our collection of Drakon scarves and cushions...

Targaryen Dragon scarves and cushions by luxury designer and illustrator Emma J Shipley.

4. House Greyjoy

The Greyjoy household are known to be mysterious with unrivalled naval strength, with an unusual kraken fronting their sigil. Become synonymous with their seafaring powers, with our undersea themed Sirens and Neptune collections (featuring a kraken engulfing a nearby ship...)

A House Greyjoy inspired collection of gifts from Game of Thrones, by Emma J Shipley.