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Drawing an underwater adventure

Swept away in a wave of inspiration, we had the chance to explore a whole other world this month. We escaped to a magical, peaceful realm where unusual creatures float, flittering about their day, flashing neon colours as they swim. 

Photo by Spencer Wilton.

Jennie from Wildlife Drawing provides classes in different locations, featuring an array of creatures, great and small. Our drawing class took place at Charterhouse Aquatics in East London. After a warm introduction and brief overview of underwater ecosystems and conservation issues, we were free to explore, observe and draw the aquatic life.

Can you spot the Clown fish amongst the coral? Hint: He looks like Nemo! Left photo by Spencer Wilton.

This little guy just reminds us of Finding Nemo! "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming".

It was exciting to see a range of beautifully coloured fish, mesmerising coral, crabs, clams, seahorses, jellyfish, even a shark! The dreamy, blue hues and soft light from the aquariums made for an ethereal drawing atmosphere.

A relaxing evening, drawing in the light of the aquarium. Photo by Spencer Wilton.

The coral's natural fluorescence illuminate under UV light, creating a magical realm for the sea creature.

So much colour, so little time! Filling our sketchbook with a technicolour, underwater world.

Want to have a go? Wildlife Drawing have a variety of spectacular drawing classes every month, from fish to wolves, guinea pigs to miniature pigs! Sharpen your pencils and check out their next workshop called Illustrating the Wild Worldfocusing on British wildlife.

Open to all levels of ability.

Saturday 14th May 2016

10am - 4pm

Tickets: £49.50

At Woodberry Wetlands nature reserve, near Stoke Newington in London.