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Captivating cushions - which one suits you?

They've launched! Our brand new cushion collection is now in store at Liberty - a worldwide exclusive. The four designs have been taken from our favourite scarf illustrations, and we are so excited to bring them into the world of home furnishings. The collection contains four different designs: Amazon Palms, Cheetah, Expedition and Giraffe; if you're stuck for choice and unsure about which one best suites your home/personality, hopefully this post will help. We've delved a bit deeper into the inspiration for each design, as well as the environment we feel they're best suited to. Enjoy!

Our new cushion designs - which will you choose?

1. The Amazon Palms Cushion

Influenced by a trip to the South American jungle, the Amazon Palms Cushion features an arresting collection of cross-species creations; puma-jaguars and peacock-parrots feature prominently around the palm trees, highlighting our signature surrealist nature. Let this cushion transport you to a world of relaxation and recreation.

Rich hues and cool blues would perfectly suit the Amazon Palms cushion.

2. The Cheetah Cushion

Our second cushion is ideal for those who love the wilderness and are at one with nature. The Cheetah Cushion features a prowling cheetah with anatomical details, with its cub hiding in the foliage. Butterflies, birds and a solitary sloth complete the jungle scene; inject some exoticism into your home with this stunning design.

Earthy neutral tones would mimic the Cheetah cushion entirely.

3. The Expedition Cushion

Inspired by polar journeys and adventure, the Expedition Cushion exhibits a penguin march surrounding an explorative balloon. The design is eye-catching due to its spherical nature and bold colour palette; the Expedition Cushion is sure to make your home stand out. This cushion is perfect for those who thrive off learning and have a thirst for knowledge.

A vibrant and warm colour scheme would allow the Expedition cushion to blend into your home.

4. The Giraffe Cushion

Our fourth and final cushion takes its inspiration from the South African plains. The Giraffe Cushion displays two spotted giraffes taking shelter under a tropical palm. Butterflies and hummingbirds surround the two mammals, completing the African scene. Such as the elongated, high necks of the giraffe, this cushion is perfect for big dreamers and motivated individuals.

A variety of green and yellow in your home? The Giraffe Cushion is the one for you.

Obviously, you're all entitled to display our latest cushions however you please - these are just some playful pointers to aid your decision making. The cushions are on sale now, so make sure you head over to Liberty and take home your favourite - but which will it be?

Can't pick your favourite? Why not take them all...

Of course, if you really can't pick which one you prefer, we think they all look pretty amazing collectively!

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